Youth is a time of life when one is looking for entertainment. As a youngster, you may not realize but each day you are creating the steps for your future. Someone said that youth is wasted in passion and wisdom comes too late. It is such a true statement as youth has the energy to change the world, but it cannot as it has no wisdom. And in old age one may have wisdom but there is no energy left in the body or mind.

Most youngsters do not know themselves. And this is the biggest challenge for a youngster as this simple statement affects all parts of a person’s life – education, career, relationships, and marriage. Unless you know yourself, you can never find success in this world. This applies to people of all ages but as the youth have energy it is easy for them to transform. Man is a creature of habits and as he gets older, his habits get engraved into his mind and he becomes a slave of them.

For example, your father might want you to become a software engineer, but until you know yourself you will not be able to look into his eyes and convince him that you want to do something else. This is nothing but clarity of heart and mind which will come only when one does Yogic practices. I know the youth will take Yoga casually. This is the tragedy- One discovers Yoga when it is too late and thinks to him self- “I wish I had started Yoga when I was younger.

I would have been happier, healthier, fitter and more beautiful.” This is what most film stars say to me all the time! Just 20 min a day is enough to make a difference to your life. The as an as and pranayama taught in Yoga may look boring, but as you practice them you will see the following benefits.

1. Your eyes will be brighter. They will sparkle.

2. Your skin will glow.

3. Your body will slim down.

4. Your concentration and focus will go up.

5. You will need less sleep in a day and you will be fresh every morning.

6. Just a twenty minutes of studies a day will be good enough for you to absorb the same information that you take one hour to learn. How does all this happen? The answer is simple – Yoga makes your body healthy and also clears your mind. Making your body fit can be done in the gym but clarity of mind is something only Yoga can do. Yoga removes your stress and your tension. Once you have clarity of mind, everything falls into place. Your career. Your relationships. Your life.

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