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  1. modelingmaniac says:

    this is really great! thanx for making this video!

  2. arielsion says:

    …and you scoot in close with your hips and LIE down.

    but I loved this demonstration!!!

  3. georgebodegon says:

    Nice video! Perhaps some background music (nature sounds, like a forest or stream) would put a nice mood to the instructional video.

  4. lakelovergal says:

    u should make some more. i loved it! Thank you!

  5. thanks 🙂 it helps me!

  6. HeavenlyEvilness says:

    I’ve been doing palates and I wanted to know what I’m getting myself into with the yoga class I signed up for. This looks perfect. Thank you for your video, and if I could rate it, I would give it five stars 😉

  7. loveneverfails2008 says:

    thanks for this great video