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  1. happyha31 says:

    I have always seen Maa Durga’s photograph in every Sai Temple or next to Sai Baba’s Photograph. Why is that?

  2. Squall Leonhart says:

    think of Ali as his friend. (Page 22) What parallels can be drawn between the Hassan’s relationship, and Baba and Ali’s? How would you describe the relationship between the two boys? What makes them so different in the way they behave with each other? What is it that makes Amir inflict small cruelties on Hassan? Had you already guessed at the true relationship between them? If so, at what point and why?

  3. Hotshot t says:

    I am also looking for the RECIPE to the Filling they put in the Baba Au Rhum Cakes that I love so much. Found them in all the Italian Pastry shops in New England and never thought I would be looking to make my own. Here in Alabama, there are no such shops. The FILLING was REAL THICK and Delicious. Then they put half a cherry on top for decoration. Do YOU have such a Recipe? A pudding mix just doesn’t do it, and I have tried Blancmange from my OLD Fannie Farmer Cookbook but was more of a pudding consistency than the filling in the Baba’s. Thank you all for your help!

  4. Please download the sothink software(30 days trial) or real play_Real11Gold (14 days trial)…Vijender Kumar

  5. gajanan200007 says:

    its very delightful moment for me to see baba ramdevs yogasan on you tube !!! really thanx to who put this videos on you tube, really tanx !!!!

  6. sumavishy08 says:

    What a great human being this Ramdevji is…. We all are so lucky to have such a person born in India. He is exactly like an open source programs (Linux, openoffice etc). He is so generous to teach all these techniques openly so that poor people can afford to keep themselves healthy. Hats off Ramdevji. I wish that you inspire as many youths as possible to learn Yoga correctly and teach them free to others, when they master the skills and understand their purposes completely.

  7. this is the gem one can rarely obtain in his/her human life. thnx a lot for ramdev baba for making this available to everybody.

  8. gurkhasnep says:

    thank you very much who post this video. god bless you.

  9. kalakendram says:

    I am thankful to Ramdev baba and Rajshri forever.

  10. kalakendram says:

    Can someone say he is 43 . He looks more like 12 yr old with a beard..)

  11. I have also attented the yogshiver of swami ramdevji. so i think i am lucky to see him in front of my eyes. He is like a revolutionary man in the India and awekning man ie:- eye opener in many issue. So i have great respect and thankfully to him.


  12. iitian420 says:

    I mean I respect babaji, but what he said at 4.50 abt height, IQ and eyessight that is not entirely true ciz that is determined genetically…height is absolute genetics no matter what medicine u take ur how much money u soend u cannot incrase it….no offense but I disagree here..

  13. lycanthrope80 says:

    Excellent stuff!! Thanx for uploading this Rajshri.

  14. vikaran2hot says:

    God sends Baba Ramdev to help and cure all the people of the world.

  15. people who have abs.. are not flexible and very unhealthy.. for body it’s not a good thing.Plus they take steroids and oher stuff to eat to increase muscle volume… this is yoga there is no comparison between yoga and extreme gym…

  16. funny x0r0..last time I attended a yoga session..there were only foreigners! plus they were unable to sit on the floor…
    Anyway it’s a knowledge you take or leave it…

  17. God .. baba ramdev jaise gaandu ko apne paas bula le.. jaldi.. he is fooling 10000s of indians

  18. I have given him a new name// Kaaniya..
    aankh hi nahi.. dil ka bhi kaaniya… niyat ka bhi kaaniya

  19. subodhkumaar says:

    well its certainly better than having a belly, besides science has proven that your waist is an indication of your health and it should be small. And not everyone who has abs takes steroids. And look at gymnastics they all have abs and are highly flexible. I am wondering on what basis you are making such statements.

  20. thaparajat says:

    Thanks a lot for posting this.

  21. ashokalipuraa says:

    what the hell u know about Yoga ? its logical and practical

  22. knighttango says:

    dude i was thinking the same..
    but if u stop and see he is only teaching people yoga and good stuff..
    stuff that works for people.ultimately the point is whatever he does should work and it does!!!
    so just try

  23. What is the ideal time to conduct this (or any type) YOGA?

  24. jasmangill says:

    He is pride of India… We can’t be enough thankful to him

  25. shahidjan786able says:


  26. dailydesi says:

    such a gay vdo now i hate yoga, before loved it