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  1. Four different brands of a pain medication used for chronic back ailments were tested to see if the number of side effects for each brand were the same. The table below lists the results of the reported number of side effects for each brand of pain medication.

    Brand ABrand BBrand CBrand D
    How do I find the expected values for chi square.? Help please

  2. What are the common psychological ailments of all human beings.

  3. borabora5524 says:

    Since liking the dick is clearly a disease of some kind, I would like to know the treatments available for curing this ailment as my friends’ brother may possibly have contracted this horrible malady. I thank you for your answers in advance and hope not to be answered by ignorant bigots who still believe homosexuality to be a “choice”…

  4. OK. Thats what I was hoping to hear. Peace

  5. kariyiljose says:

    well if u read the life of jesus & his teachings, mohammed the hate & sex pervert can never be called a prohpet. i condemn his teachings, his book quran, his wild sex life, his self centeredness, his unkind mentality

  6. kariyiljose says:

    yes muslims never hide their culture for long! sooner they burst open and spill the beans . qureshi’s prophet should be proud for this filthy language

  7. kariyiljose says:

    In islam u respect other religion? 🙂 then why dont saudi arabia allow other religions to be preached? u can do that in vatican and india no one will stop you! islam is a growing religion by uncontrolled birth rate of muslims! if hindus are worshipping idols, islam is no better as they bow to that stone cube in mecca and kiss that black stone as claimed to be a part of pagan worship

  8. kariyiljose says:

    well krishna didnt ofcourse marry a child of 6 yrs at 54. 🙂 🙂 nor marry his adopted sons wife 🙂 or ask his believers to kill those who leave hinduism like mohammed. he was a sane person

  9. saunivideo says:

    Kariyiljose.. First learn to respect other religions. You are a narrow minded and you have no knowledge about Islam. Muhammed(PBUH) was the last prophet. First read about him and understand his teachings. We muslims never insult others. You look to be a self centered and your mentality is cheap. To hell with you.

  10. kariyiljose says:

    yes brother i am learning islam for the past 4 yrs. quran, bukhari, muslim, ibn kathir etc. i am narrow minded because i just spoke openly about the exploits of mohd. his life style?. “we muslim never insult others?” 🙂 read all the comment above comments dude then decide. i feel ur last lines are full of “love” not “insult”. hmm…… 🙂 so u r accompanying with me to hell? good idea!!!! yeah my mentality is cheap brother but its not for sale!

  11. saunivideo says:

    Kariyiljose. i think you have no better business to do than to pass comments about the greatest religion on earth. ISLAM. Stop it! If you have so much time then learn more about Islam from Dr. Zakir Naik. Just search in google. All your questions will be answered. I have better work to do than to answer your stupid and insane questions. You are a stupid fellow with meagre knowledge. I don’t want any emails to my id. Just stop it.

  12. markus2678 says:

    Well over 66 million people follow ramdev every single day so does that mean he is superior to allah..Numbers dont mean shit if you are trying to convince someone to accept your path of religion

  13. markus2678 says:

    Qureshi baba is teaching science not religion

  14. Cool down Guys,

    He is teaching something that existed even before Islam and any other religion brought to the earth.

    Try to understand and you can associate this with today’s science.


  15. i dont understand what religon has to do with this? people of all faiths follow ramdev im muslim and i think hes great…knowledge is for everyone and we should learn from each other. thats how civilisations evolve and become better. the guy is trying to help people with digestive problems and ur here talking about religons…please!

  16. guys why are u all fighiting over religion.look at the guy.he is a nazi himself.Indian Nazi .Look at those swastikas behind him. lol

  17. kariyiljose says:

    i was responding to ummarqureshi’s comments.

  18. kariyiljose says:

    the last words of mohammad was “cursed by jews and christians”. he died cursing jews and xians! the only prophet of love:)

  19. theboombody says:

    Kipling had those designs on some of his original book covers from what I hear.

  20. An amazing modern day Yogi!

  21. mohitsharmaonline says:

    U people are so fearful and filled of hatred for nizis that this sysmbol ‘swastic’ which is the symbol of peace and harmony in Hindu culture, u take everyone using this symbol as Nazis, comeon guys have some understanding. or just do not see it if u fear so much just of a symbol.

  22. kittykoo8 says:

    Hello everyone! I need some help..my mums suffering from stomach pains..and shes on about this thing located by the belly button (called tharan/ dharan something like that in punjabi)…its like a tube thats moved away from the original place? Does anyone know anything about this? Or where i can find out more info? Please help.

  23. nick2light says:

    are u Indian or German….. ??? buddy fst of all google out the diff between nazi symbol n swastik… then comment over here….

  24. MrRajesh50 says:

    ya so good yago of baba ramdev he is god he give to people how to live os thanks of dwounlod this video

  25. MrRajesh50 says:

    r u mad like that type of human want kill with my huge cook in u r assss

  26. abhipesit says:

    @kittykoo8: hi…it is caused by liftin heavy weight..to treat dharan there are some special asanas..i dont think if i tell that here..it ll be helpful.but still i m givin some info so tht u cn seach for tht easily..” ek asan mein hum ulta let jaate hain.. phir dheere se apne paei upar uthate hain.aur dhere dheere paanv ke agoonthon ko touch karne ki koshish karte hain… agoonthe pkdne ke baad jhoole ke jaise jhoolte hain.”do this with some1 who knows about it properly…else it can b dngrs…

  27. very nice but plz change music

  28. knowtruthdontbeblind says:

    LOL, Just by saying u r Muslim u become Muslim LOL. Stop living in Mirage :). Does a Fox becomes Lion by just saying he is Lion now. FOOD for THOUGHT. Keep Thinking… there is noone like Muslim etc. All things to make Heart Happy :). And for ur info Bhukhari Hadith its written Islam will vanish,destroyed from this world itself, pls. cross check with scholars :). Sahih Bukhari, 3.30.100, Sahih Bukhari, 9.88.183