Rajiv Dixit – FenuGreek Methi Dana for Restful Sleep (Ayurved Nidra in Hindi)

In this video Rajiv Dixit ji is talking in hindi on "how to cure insomnia by Ayurvedic method."

The Video was seen and shared by one of our regular readers. We asked NRI Hindi listeners feedback and they found this helpful so sharing here.

Fenugreek seeds (methi daane) are used to treat insomnia, migraine and sleeping disorder.

26 Responses to Rajiv Dixit – FenuGreek Methi Dana for Restful Sleep (Ayurved Nidra in Hindi)

  1. Deandre says:

    Ppl like you get all the brains. I just get to say thakns for he answer.

  2. pimpo911 says:

    how can i sit in lotus position for longer durations ?

  3. itswhatever2525 says:

    I Wish I Could Understand What He Is Saying Because I ‘am Very Interested in This … 🙁

  4. semillasdelorto says:

    Your body is dirt, but your soul is a divine particle, Yoga is for soul-mind and body. Is not only the body, no … this “conatiner” is going to deteriorate and is going to look bad, sportsman or not sportsman, but you can be in true peace, and fulfil your soul and body with it, I wish love peace and clarity for you.

  5. tosharkant says:

    By practicing………..

  6. SDSen says:

    You can watch the english dubbed ones here on youtube just search for *baba ramdev english*

  7. jojoalone says:

    This was very good for getting a nights sleep. However, last night I watched a video of this same guy being stamped on by a bull elephant. It was much more rewarding and I slept a lot better.

  8. kalakendram says:

    The best video on Youtube. Im addicted to this.

  9. girishragini says:

    No wonder you lay awake most nights…U R N S ‘ol…

  10. hemalathakonki says:

    can we english version of this please …..how can i get..i am so interested in this.

  11. kalakendram says:

    Just type “Baba Ramdev English” I think its not called Yoga Nidra in English but “yoga for Insomnia” or something like that ..You compare this one with that . You will get the english version.

  12. draoicht22 says:

    stop eating meat if you havent already done so.eat healthy yogic food and do asanas every day.
    I can feel a difference in my hips which used to be a tight spot. seated Forward bend is great and the butterfly.
    Wait a minute I cant even manage full lotus position who I am I to be preaching!

    I can do half lotus I think but find my Pranamayas more powerful,energising and effective when I sit on two blocks +cushion between legs.
    Aum Kriya Babaji Namaha Aum

  13. vipindsharma says:

    Hi, this yog nidra video is great. But can anyone help me, how can i download the same. I want it from for my mother. Pls reply….

  14. anutel2842 says:

    download orbit downloader, go to tools>grab++, it will ask u to refresh the page, do it, it will give u a lot of files, only one will be significantly large with ext swf probably. rest will be like in kb. try it and let me know of any problems.

  15. vikaran2hot says:

    hi vipind sharma. u can download it by using free download manager

  16. samraajni says:

    can you please put english subtitles- I would love it!!

    Aum babaji namaha

  17. john0074321 says:

    can any body tell me yoga to prevent hair loss

  18. john0074321 says:

    can any body teach me yoga to prevent hair loss

  19. sanpatkan says:

    Yognidra very less but rambling too much.

  20. kalakendram says:

    Disagree I found all sentences valuable none of the rambling.

  21. OctoBox says:

    cut your hair off — stop fighting it, embrace baldness. Store your shaved hair in a box and lock it up, this will prevent hair “loss”

  22. dignifiedflirt says:

    hi, i practised 8 pranayamas and got my lost hair back. So just practise pranayam and you’ll definately see positive results. Also apply mustard oil to your scalp thrice a week…

  23. jea740 says:

    This niga is high

  24. youngsaiyangohan says:

    verry funny when they said its for sleeping
    ramdev himself told that dont sleep more than six hours why did he taught us how to sleep

  25. shock312 says:

    @OctoBox lmao!

  26. sa194000 says:

    how long did you practice the 8 pranayams?
    I have just started..

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