1. MexicanDude says:

    Sai Baba had humble beginnings. How then, did he get to know so many politicians, businessmen and sportspersons?
    What was it that Sai Baba did for them that made them so grateful?
    Even an ethical person like Mr. Ratan Tata has had an audience with Sai Baba, so I’m guessing that he was not like the fradulent godmen in India.

    So what was it that he did for these powerful people that made them so grateful and faithful to him?

  2. KALURAM666 says:

    this man cutiya loda bekar

  3. nickdev007 says:

    This guy is awesome, did his thing for a day and my stomach hurting. Agni Saar is very effective.

  4. password45090 says:

    God is Love.
    Today we only speak me, me, my house, my business, now my religion. Baba Ramdev is the only one who is awake, we are all sleeping. He wants everybody to come together, He is pure Love. I never saw Him in my life, I just saw Him on Television and Indian Yoga is one of the best things that ever was given to this world!

  5. this guy is awesome,i have seen some people they r giving bad comments about him but i dont know why if u dont want to exercise dont do it but this guy is awesome he says “bhook se kam khaein” awesome.

  6. yashiirawat says:

    Babaji sat sat pranaam….duniya ko nayi rah dikhane ka…thnx a lot swamiji you are great…..

  7. @Seosav

    Exercise and lose some weight, fatty.

  8. If only someone added subtitles to this video. Imagine how many more could benefit?

  9. sweetcaus says:

    tnx for video i bought already video. ididnt know u post same here. anyway tnx a lot

  10. Can anyone translate and add English captions, please? Thanks

  11. greatdancegreat says:

    Translated version is already there in youtube. Search for “Baba Ramdev -Yoga for Obesity (English)”. Good luck.

  12. Thank you @greatdancegreat

  13. indian yoga is amazing ,thanks 2 baba 4 spreading it world wide.

  14. sunilosunil says:

    There is a english version …search for it..

  15. rahulshah22 says:

    thanks for the video

  16. vineetshuklaji says:

    sat sat naman swami ji

  17. lionness9876 says:

    may god bless u babaji Ramdev. You are a gift of god for us. thanks for all that ur doing for us. BABA JI KI JAI HO

  18. mera weight normal hai 54kg or meri age 31 hai lekin mera pet bahut jayada hai uske liye muje khash konsa yoga karna chahiye jisse mera pet kam ho jaye weight kam na ho

  19. Kendizzl0 says:

    Ikje jeiu hoik loierg kjhge wasde poi

  20. ankureshkumar says:

    This man is a gift for India.

  21. romimba1987 says:

    Baba Ramdev -Yoga for Obesity (Motapa Ke Liye)

  22. monsterdood says:

    i lost mine by running 4 -5 miles a day with better diet, more raw green veggies. took about three months to lose 40 pounds

  23. thanks for video by you tube

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