Baba Ramdev -Yoga for Children (Bachchon Ke Liye)

11 Responses to Baba Ramdev -Yoga for Children (Bachchon Ke Liye)

  1. Jeffery Carlson says:

    Just wondering what Kajati is and what kind of indian that is and what baba is?

  2. carmenittax says:

    you are great….

  3. nkp777 says:

    Yogi Raj

  4. ParwinAli says:

    Thanks for upload, i love Ramdev…

  5. darkriver46 says:

    ugghh! why r these 1 hour long? 🙁 but i still love ramdev 😉

  6. jagggy420 says:

    thankss for uploading but if u dont mind can u upload a video for over 15 years old kid

  7. Giorgelis1 says:

    wdf dats hilarious ur a freak :DDD

  8. janardan91 says:

    I do this Yoga avery day

  9. Br0WniE81 says:

    oyy nice beard man

  10. mcity88 says:

    I like this. Smart man

  11. MrChotu1991 says:

    babaji u r one of the greatest saint ever………… sachi mee.

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