Baba Ramdev Half Boat Pose

Half Boat Pose

Instructions Half Boat Pose

❖ lie flat on the stomach with the the legs and feet together and the soles of the feet uppermost
❖ place the arms in front of your body, with the palms facing downward
❖ inhale, using the back muscles raise your straight hands as high as possible without straining (option:raise only one hand and than change the sides)
❖ keep the soles on the floor, donʼt raise it up
❖ hold the pose for 5 breaths
❖ exhale, slowly lower the legs and hands to the floor
❖ return to the starting position and relax the body with the head turned to the side

Baba Ramdev Half Boat Pose 1

Precautions Half Boat Pose

People with weak heart, coronary thrombosis, serious back problems, high blood pressure, peptic ulcer, hernia, intestinal tuberculosis and other such conditions should not practice this pose

Benefits Half Boat Pose

❖ toning and balancing the functioning of the liver, stomach, bowels, and other abdominal organs
❖ tightening the muscles of the buttocks
❖ strengthening the lower and upper back

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