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  1. ParwinAli says:

    Thanks for upload, i love Ramdev…

  2. synergestic says:

    thanx for uploading. But plz i want more videos to be uploaded thank you very much.

  3. exatmatch says:

    many many thanks for uploading these videos its very useful to all

  4. Mahendrasovan says:

    Excellent – Than you so much. I feel better already in just two days of practice.
    Please don’t discontinue. Please put English version.
    Thank you vey much!

  5. kalakendram says:

    Just type “baba ramdev english” in youtube you will get the english DUBBED version.

  6. Bigman240 says:

    Thank you! Just what I wanted to know.

  7. chakdeInd says:

    This is too good.
    I lost >8 pounds in just 2 months of practicing it.

  8. gurnoortoor says:

    Thankss for uploading ,,,