B.K.S. Iyengar 1938 newsreel Part 1 (SILENT)

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  1. Nathan B says:

    My family has lived in Miami Florida since 1938 and after reading recent News I’m wondering if they should move to higher ground because they are only a few feet above sea level? Why are some people laughing at this very serious matter? Is Global Warming Deadly?

  2. mal_functiongeo says:

    I have a silver Japanese coin that I believe is from 1938 or before. I did some research and tried to make out the Japanese letters and numbers, but all I really know is that Japan stopped making silver coins in 1938.

  3. jeanneadele says:

    today i plan to go to the iyengar studio in manhattan for some sutra study.

  4. murkhezan says:

    Ashtanga IS the intense stuff. The asanas you see here are done in the advanced series though. I’m parcticing the primary series for about a year and even that is very challenging. Keep practicing, Namaste 🙂

  5. Helena1204 says:

    hahahahahahahaahah you are so right!!

  6. shonshu2 says:

    Iyengar is the man

  7. jeremiasrobinson says:

    Thanks to Mr Iyengar for bringing yoga to the rest of the world and showing us how beautiful (vibrant, alive) we can be.

  8. sansalka says:

    yoga una verdadera diciplina

  9. seg153 says:

    i think my eyes permanently popped out of my head!

  10. AliMohmdkhalsa says:

    Shri Aiyengar is great!! he’s not 90 years old and is teaching and giving workshops. So wonderful! God bless him!!

  11. korbonari1 says:


  12. 1HedidthatShesaidit2 says:

    oh my holly polly bolling eyeballs!!!!
    hes great!

  13. buttegowda says:

    No words to explain. Wow this is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing this. We are lucky that someone actually recorded this and preserved this through ages.

    Thanks a million for posting this.

  14. Kastoras123 says:


  15. GSRFORSALE916 says:

    The purpose of Yoga is not exercise..

  16. thetruth786110 says:

    how old is this dude now?

  17. 99yoga99 says:

    He turned 90 in Dec. Still does 3 hours a day of practice plus teaching.

  18. ruud76 says:

    Not primarily, but it is very difficult to have a healthy mind without a healthy body. Primary series of Ashtanga is Yoga Chikitsa – yoga therapy.

  19. catgumart says:

    I don’t think this is B.K.S. Iyengar..

  20. ruud76 says:

    Definitely Iyengar…long, long time ago though.

  21. L0rDP3rRy86 says:


  22. Psamiad1986 says:

    every gymnast can do this

  23. natyacritique says:

    no doubt they can. not to take away from gymnastics, yoga is a precise science that heels the body. i have known many people heel serious spinal cord injuries by practice of yoga. Iyengar yoga is one of those. many a dancer has gotten back to dancing with the help of yoga after serious accidents..

  24. mikaelourak says:

    what does mean all those stupid

  25. vwasic says:

    great….in healthy body, healthy is a mind

  26. Epulaeryu says:


  27. HighlandFreePress says:

    I intend to resume Yoga in 2010 after years of not doing it.

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