Planets placed in certain particular positions which have remarkable effects on the natives are called ‘Yoga.’

Some of the special Yogas are described as follows:

1.Raja Yoga: When the lords of the ninth and the tenth house are situated in one another’s house or are in conjunction with each other in either on the houses produce the ‘Raja Yoga’- a good luck in all the undertakings.

2.Kesari Yoga: When the cool planet i.e. the Moon is in the center i.e. ‘Kendra’ position to the Jupiter, the effects produce ‘Kesari Yoga’. Under this yoga, the individual is blessed with a superb intellect and also acquires the capacity to speak to masses in general. He will occupy high position and fame.

3.Lakshmi Yoga: When the Venus and the lord of the ninth house remain in the fifth, ninth or in the central/ ‘Kendra’ position and at the same time in his own place, ‘Lakshmi Yoga’ is created. As the name itself implies, with the effects of this yoga, the native is blessed with a luxurious life, happy family, health, wealth and all other comforts of life.

4.Ruchaka Yoga: When Mars occupies his own place, the native will enjoy the effects of Ruchaka Yoga and he will be blessed with wealth, fame and victory.

5.Saraswathi Yoga: With Venus, Jupiter and Mercury in the 2nd house while Jupiter in his own house, the effects of Saraswathi Yoga is produced. In this case the native will be blessed with wisdom and intellect.

6.Hamsa Yoga: When Jupiter is placed in his own house, the effect is Hamsa Yoga. Blessed with this effect, the native will enjoy great prominence in society, admiration and a commandeering position. He will also possess a beautiful body and a charitable mind.

7.Bhadra Yoga: With Mercury placed in his own house, the effect of Bhadra Yoga is produced and in this case the native will enjoy long life, keen intellect, wealth and prominence in society. He will be a good speaker in assemblies too.

8.Malava Yoga: When Venus is placed in his own house, effect is Malava Yoga. Here, the native is blessed with wealth, enormous property, posh vehicles, large family and keen intellect.

9.Vallaki Yoga: All the seven planets occupying one house each, produces the Vallaki Yoga where the native will be very talented in music, dancing and fine arts.

10.Sasaka Yoga: When Jupiter is in his own house, Sasaka Yoga is produced. The native will be blessed with great wealth and all comforts in life. But he will be a person of easy virtue.

11.Dhama Yoga: When all the seven planets occupy signs consecutively from the Lagna, the effects of Dhama Yoga of produced. The native will be a very philanthropic minded person.

12.Chamara Yoga: When a beneficial planet occupies lagna, the Charma Yoga is created. This is a highly desirable Yoga. The native will be blessed with great wealth, fame and long life.

13.Chakata Yoga: When the moon is placed in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house form the Jupiter, Chakata Yoga is produced where the native will experience misfortunes and various disappointments in life.

14.Rajju Yoga: When all the planets in a horoscope occupy the movable signs, Rajju Yoga is created. The native will be famous and will enjoy interrupted fortunes.

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