ashtanga yoga with marcello Gama –

13 Responses to ashtanga yoga with marcello Gama –

  1. Jeracoo L says:

    I do ashtanga and was just wondering what time people get up to fit in their practice

  2. Faultlessss says:

    Wow! This is the yoga that made Sting famous…

  3. topper745 says:

    Smooth …

  4. weblope says:

    cool !

  5. karmapemakk says:

    great job Marcello

  6. chaoticstructure says:

    Excellent. Beautiful.

  7. ivanmarqs400 says:


  8. lipstick000 says:

    he is ugly but good he is really good actually gr8

  9. abc123thatuc says:


  10. bitememan says:

    That guy has got to be really strong

  11. AccessYoga says:

    You have a beautiful practice. God/ess bless and sustain it.

  12. marcelloGamaa says:

    thanks, god bless you too.

  13. kafi122 says:

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