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  1. slipknot0129 says:

    hi,i am doing sirasasana yoga everyday,but i don’t know the benefits of that yoga,anybody can help me, to know about that completely(it taught by one yoga master)

  2. britzkopf says:

    I’m glad these videos were posted. Not so glad about the sound however.

  3. This entire series is great. It’s like the DVDs they are selling for upwards of $50. Thanks so much for posting these videos. Now if I can only get them to play on my TV.

  4. >Incentive to buy, western style marketing!

  5. unavailablek says:

    Excellent series. This is exactly what I was looking for.
    thank you very much.

  6. 9:05 – “This is something I’ve devised called ‘Take It Up Asana'”. LOL. ROFL. He actually says that with a straight face. LOL. Oh boy.

  7. ceciveggie says:

    I think it is just great, I was looking for this. I don´t care about the sound, the videos are good and so usefull to me and the people at my studio. thank´s for sharing. From Puerto Vallarta.

  8. EkoDharma says:

    Before Down facing dog, chaturanga!!!

  9. velvettrix says:

    There just cannot be any better way of explaining the whole thing! Thank you so much!! 😀

  10. irenakolek says:

    fantastic, clearly.. im getting to it every day while practising.. 🙂

  11. hazelnut333 says:

    wow, I just realized that all this time I have not been doing the upper dog correctly…THANK you!