1. bobby81001 says:

    It was a pleasure to watch you girl. thanks

  2. wow! this is really good….
    i wish i can do some of those stuff too.

  3. mungodesigns says:

    And the best part… your smile at the end.

  4. yogilauren says:

    Great fun, interesting links between poses. Thanks!

  5. FlashyWhippet says:

    Your jump through to sitting is incredible. Something I have been working on, but it’s very difficult. Thank you for your video.


    Alicia…you are beautiful to watch!! Clearly, you have practiced asana for a great many years. Namaste.

  7. NarisTorquere says:

    I love you for posting this valuable visual information for me to learn from. Hang Ten….

  8. O.o Too amazing!

    I think this is better than David Swenson’s Flow of Ashtanga Yoga video. haha

  9. bjazibjazi says:

    Turn off the music.

  10. FENGYTANG says:

    how long u practice yoga ?//

  11. great practice,but lose the music…I keep expecting Jules and Vincent to bust in to collect Marsalis’ Money

  12. juanfiesta says:

    Incredible practice, I love the sequences

  13. currucaful says:

    medley me fascino. espero un día hacer todo eso. felicitaciones

  14. shirisurya says:

    what an amazing practice,i wish to get like you one day…
    om shanti

  15. EurekaYoga says:

    Thank you, Shiri, but it’s always best to stay like you. Your practice is a reflection of your light. Enjoy. Namaste’ Alicia

  16. TheCoolyogisingh says:

    great,,,,enjoyed watching u,,,seems like you have no bone in your body heheh,,,

  17. NelsonYogaInversions says:

    Keep the music– love love love it all!

  18. wow. you’re an inspiration. Love it!

  19. mkhill2009 says:

    Absolutely, simply Amazing. That was fascinating. I’m so proud of you for achieving this level of expertise. I loved the video, talent and keep the music

  20. ceciveggie says:

    OOO, you just dropped my jaw. I can not believe someone so light can be that strong. It´s not very “yoga” what Im going to say but: I wish I could at least ´do a half of that asanas!! (sorry about my english, I´m from argentina) thank you!!!

  21. so beautiful! you really are an inspiration! I loved the movie because I could’ve seen a real talent and hard work. I’m definitely going back to my practice. thanks from Poland!

  22. EurekaYoga says:

    Thank you for your kind words. It’s best to view your ashtanga practice as a life-long endeavor. Progress occurs gradually, but no effort on the path of yoga is ever lost. The advanced postures are more like gift wrapper; the real gift is inside the “box”. So enjoy, and happy new year!

  23. scentamanta says:

    That’s so beutifull!! i wantto start with this yoga; I practise regulary bikram yoga…don’t take me wrong but looking at this it seems to me I’m missing somethig big.

  24. EurekaYoga says:

    Ashtanga rules! Enjoy…

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