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  1. VoltronCentriCommand says: are a worm =)

  2. drewtopia says:

    This woman knows what yoga is.
    You go girl.

  3. onlynowisreal1976 says:

    inspiring Kino

  4. idonthaveaclu says:

    Kino = amazing
    She never ceases to leave me with my mouth hanging. In the words of U2, she is … “Magnificent”.

  5. plazindrt says:

    That’s called good genes, not yoga. She’s probably very naturally open and limber. And I’m bitter and jealous. I know I’ll never achieve many of these asanas.

  6. sagedemos says:

    That’s not fair. Women are naturally more flexible than men.

  7. Mrsigurdson says:

    Don’t kid yourself, what you see here is the product of years and years of hard work and dedication.

    Well done KIno, I stand in awe!

  8. ElijahJaredStone says:

    Absolutely brilliant, but as I am sure Kino would say:
    for those who can never ever achieve this type of flexibility, remember that the real point of yoga is not to make you into a human pretzel but to open your mind and heart to who you truly are: one with the divine.

  9. generalOst says:

    cant really see how this is good for the body. The joints are made in the way they are for a reason. but who knows..

  10. mountainsunshine says:

    What a beautiful clip!

  11. unforlorn says:

    That’s what I used to say before I started Ashtanga 2 years ago. All my life I’ve suffered poor flexibility and musculature. Now, 2 years later, I can do this sort of thing.

    One day at a time…

  12. cherylmalone1 says:

    When someone does something well; there’s always people who say how lucky you are, like you didn’t put any effort into the accomplishment. Kino has worked hard and long to achieve this level of practice. Don’t cop out and say she is naturally flexible or a gymnast; if you put in the training hours, you could do this also.

  13. yes not only years, but a lifetime. and for those who say they are not flexible, there is a measure of truth to that of course, but on the other hand flexibility, like openness of mind, comes with effort.

  14. antonyd1973 says:

    Very impressive, well done Kino.

  15. I’m just in awe, I saw one other demo of Ashtanga Yoga before this and thought it was the exception and not the rule. I’m just starting yoga and can’t imagine being able to do this. Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong. Kino that series was mindbending and beautiful at the same time, thank you.

  16. sagedemos says:

    How long has she been doing yoga?