Ashtanga Yoga Flow

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  1. ColoradoBansuri says:

    This is a great video. Thanks.

  2. stuccyu says:


  3. hannadj says:

    he is hot

  4. Brujo86 says:

    i want him as my personal teacher.

  5. DamadoCha says:

    really great video!!!thx a lot for posting it 🙂

  6. drvasudeva says:

    good video

  7. koppimopo says:

    for people who don’t know anything about yoga: the great thing here is that in addition to the fabulous physics that can actually be recorded on video, yoga can give you very much on the mental and spiritual side as well… and this is what it was made for, the physical side is used as a tool for spiritual

  8. PamelaAT says:

    sexy accent!

  9. lipstick000 says:

    the yoga man is sexy he is very flixable and hot

  10. lovenow says:

    yes, very hot and sexy. I’m not a stickler for perfect form (unless of course you are selling something), but I notice that the depth of the squat before jumping out of downward dog is something I’ve never seen in Ashtanga practice. Typically, the knees bend slightlya and the launch comes from the feet, ankles, and the torso.

  11. andycapote says:

    nico que raro verte aqui, por lo menos te veo. besos . mariano picos

  12. bigeyearts says:

    whats the difference between cobra and upward dog? nyone know?

  13. DonyaLane says:

    Nicely done! I appreciate how clear the narration is.

  14. billytcat says:

    In cobra the legs are on the ground as high up as possible, creating an intense backbend, while in upward dog only your feet should be on the ground, being very active through the legs while the backbend is less intense. At least that’s how I understand it.

  15. harryrarmer says:

    you know nothin billycat. great video clip..well done 🙂

  16. yoquindas says:

    it’s because this guy doesn’t actually have the longest hamstrings. he has to bend his knees and round his back more. but he is still doing better than i do.

  17. torrecuso says:

    Great! Please make some more of these.
    Really nice narration.
    Congrat. Good Job.

  18. rodcm88 says:

    in cobra your feet should be on the gound, including your knees increasing your back extension.
    In urdhva mukha svnasana you should press hard with your feet on the ground elevating your pelvis from the ground and extending to the air…

  19. jpe58 says:

    he is so good

  20. zhouming11 says:

    check out the belrion88, its fast leveling speed is amazing !

  21. Smarty310 says:

    Cover? your mouth with your hand
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  22. FromUTube2BigScreen says:

    ooh. i wanna do that downward dog with him.

  23. marcielo40 says:

    at least i see yoga on you tube!!!!!!!
    ( but i think the cobra is too high)

  24. sylvialh says:

    it’s an upward dog that’s why

  25. kaelinjohns says:

    the downward dog helps energy move through out the body and is a great inversion…cobra pose helsp open al four chakras and relieves back pain

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