Arrest (Chronic Aches) Back Pain with Yoga 1

Back pain has become one of the most common problems of modern day. The problem is caused due to stress and tension in the muscles. These muscles support the spine. Additionally, sedentary lifestyle, stress, abuse of the back, postural blunders is known to be the insentient triggers to the prevalent back pain problem. However, regular exercise can bring some relief to the problem.

Why Back Pain Occur ?

Causes of Backache

  • Fatigue
  • Past injuries
  • Lumbar scoliosis
  • Stress
  • Overstrained/ over stretched muscles
  • Improper sitting positions

Fortunately, most conditions causing back pain can be treated with conscious and gentle yoga practice. Yoga has been proven to be a safe and effective way to alleviate various forms of back pain and even prevent its recurring bouts. However, it is important to seek medical consultation prior to practicing Yoga for back pain. Additionally, you need to make sure that the asanas are practised under the guidance of a trained professional.

Arrest (Chronic Aches) Back Pain with Yoga

Healing Benefits of Yoga

Yoga will strengthen muscle groups. A number of postures in yoga strengthen the back and abdominal muscles. This helps your body in maintaining a proper upright posture and movement. Proper stretching and relaxation minimizes tension in stress carrying muscles. Well conditioned muscles help in offsetting back pain.

Yoga also works towards easing lower back pain via stretching and strengthening the lower back muscles. It also enhances blood circulation. This brings healing nutrients to the injured tissues. Yoga also allows maintaining a natural curvature of the spine. This is very important to avoid lower back pain.

Hence, Yoga is an excellent therapy for healing back pain. It will expedite healing process of injured and sore back muscles. It also minimizes the risk of disability due to back pain. In short, Yoga increases awareness of the body and keeps the body healthy and supple.

How Yoga Help In Relieving from Body Pain

Some asanas for back pain:

Adho Mukhswanasan

This pose is performed via placing your feet and palms on the floor about 5 feet apart. You must simultaneously push your hips upwards in order to make an inverted V with your body. The asana is very effective to stretch out the back. It also ensures immediate relief for lower back pains. The inverted V position straightens out the bones and muscles. This is a beneficial posture to relieve you of lower back pain.

Arrest (Chronic Aches) Back Pain with Yoga 12

Shashank Asan

Here, you need to be seated in Vajrasan, placing your head forward towards the floor. Now stretch your hands out in front of you. This helps you relax the abdominal muscles and ensures immediate relief to the lower back. Since the asana involves sitting crossed leg on the floor, it will help you stretch the core muscles including your lower back.


Stand straight and bend as you exhale. Now bend forward and down. Hold on to the position for a few breaths. Relax the head and neck.

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