Amor Parte 1 – Buddha-Lounge 6 – Achillea featuring Jens Gad and Luisa Fernandez

27 Responses to Amor Parte 1 – Buddha-Lounge 6 – Achillea featuring Jens Gad and Luisa Fernandez

  1. Joe T says:

    We are looking for some flowers to plant that will stay low (6-12″). The area gets some shade and some sun throughout the day and can be fed by the drip system. Low maintenance and low growing is most important. Please help. We are completely clueless and so are the people at our Home Depot… Thanks.
    It would be great if we could plant them just once… I think they are called perennials.

  2. superdork says:

    For example, we don’t have boneset growing here (Eupatorium perfoliatum) but we do have late boneset growing wild (Eupatorium serotinum.) Or I’ll be looking for Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) at the store and they’re selling a different variation, like Achillea ageratum or some other achillea. So with these herbs and other herbs can I use the different variations in species of a genus with the same effects or must it be the specific genus listed as herbal use?
    @Tink… Uh, no they’re not. Garlic is of the Allium genus. Rose is of the Rosa genus and aloe is of the Aloe genus. Not the same genus at all.

  3. Chris31HRO says:

    This voice is Luisa Fernandez, not Helene Horlyck. I like the music from Jens Gad.

  4. SequoiaRecords says:

    You’re right about the singer’s name, thank you for letting us know about that! The info has now been corrected.

  5. MusicRift says:

    Amazing music. Great job on the video, what program did u use?

  6. Dou2sRemixClub says:

    Tout simplement parfait ^^

    Simply perfect to drive overthere …

  7. bstevans0 says:

    Perfect for a romantic night

  8. qqcat1991 says:


  9. honeymctw says:

    i love Achillea and Jens Gad~~

  10. miaunderground says:

    luisa fernandez lay love on you?

  11. MisterBrightside1912 says:

    Pure perfection….

  12. mbabitt says:

    This song be da BOMB.

  13. Tvinqle says:

    very relaxing music! thnaks for the upload, and….yes walk in Balance! 😉

  14. pulkemon81 says:

    de pelos no se si sea oficial el video pero quedo como si lo fuera.

  15. 41867043 says:

    melancolica y hermosa adorable y tierna q linda musica

  16. Mpealow says:

    Love the visuals…..Very relaxing……Thanks for sharing!

  17. principlesoflust says:


  18. TNTJahv1er says:



    This is first time listening Achillea, awesome, i like. Somebody can tell me from where is?

  20. patika25 says:

    deep and beautiful…

  21. xchan1 says:

    just amazing music

  22. Kirawe2004 says:

    Wow! This is a totally fantastic experience,
    love and adore it!
    Thanks for sharing.

  23. AmadasEstrelas says:

    I love this animation! great work 🙂

  24. BeautyinDiatoms says:

    Wow… that was dreamy…
    Last night, I heard the song for the first time, and was blown away!

    Love, absolutely love, the imagery…
    Luisa’s, spaniard(?) accent is gorgeous 🙂

  25. delaval1979 says:

    amor 2 is better

  26. crlwaly says:

    Chevere la musica me gusta cada vez que la escucho mas y mas
    Crlwaly Perú

  27. cristall1953 says:


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