Advanced Meditation 3- Overcome Anger & Depression w/ Kriya

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  1. HamsaYogi says:

    That’s because I cropped it from the video. Sorry, you’ll have to come see him in person to get the jewels of the Himalayas 😀

  2. HamsaYogi says:

    We might do a live streaming video satsang with Yogiraj in the near future in which he’ll give you this “Shivapat” state, IF we can figure out how to get the technology going. Can anybody help with this??

  3. Rushlight says:

    Fair enough, what’s the procedure to become a student? 🙂

  4. HamsaYogi says:

    You can come get empowered into Kriya Yoga by Yogiraj. His USA schedule will be uploaded in the next few weeks on the website – hamsa-yoga(dot)org

  5. Rushlight says:

    Do you refrain from posting the videos because they are dangerous for people to practice alone?

  6. HamsaYogi says:

    These are sacred practices which have been passed on by personal initiation and empowerment for thousands of years. You’re also correct, they can be dangerous unless practiced under the auspices of a qualified master.

  7. YSBCITTAR says:

    Its amazing to see and hear a Himalayan Yogi on U-Tube, these are excellent helpful Videos, thank you alot, amazing.

  8. nirsuj says:

    why doesnt yogiraj doesnt talk about his previous

  9. OpenMind00 says:

    What is the difference between his form of yoga meditation and Yogi Bhajan’s form of Yoga Meditation

  10. HamsaYogi says:

    Check out the video called “Kundalini” for more info on your question. Best, ~hy

  11. mikisenx says:

    How’s it going with this? That would be very interesting to attend 🙂

  12. bringmetoone says:

    he makes me feel better knowing that thoughts that come in during meditation is ok, even if they are bad. Now I can laugh about it because of his humor thanks. Also, what about coming to denver when you are in california? for your tour?

  13. MEME15926 says:

    I been trying to do my maditations, but it seems that when I try to medetate, everything happens to to my family at thee time of meditation. I really like the utube, I just started to listen the vedeos on the web and I got very anlightening.

  14. ranjistudent says:

    when is he coming to canada?

  15. mysticspiritman says:

    By evidence shall we be known and with great respect where is your body gone.

  16. mcscheijgrond79 says:

    thank you

  17. sejdio says:

    hahaha and extasy

  18. shravannive says:

    Are you planning on starting a centre in Australia?

  19. jupiterjjrm says:

    Thank you so much. That was very inspiring

  20. yadave86 says:

    omg i want to learn the meditations and yoga he teaches so bad but I dont live in CA. what is the best way? Will there be dvd tutorials in the future or is it something that cannot be taught without you being there in person?

  21. reg32123 says:

    awesome videos, extremely motivational

  22. hansjorgenolsen says:

    your Hindi?

  23. OttokarsSceptre says:

    Fucking A… he hit the nail on the head… if I may say so!!

  24. Lianabananaaa says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

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