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  4. Lawrenceviveka says:

    what so ever you Love .. you will become


    GREAT – brilliant !!!

  6. wyldrose00 says:

    Thank you for your teachings

    ~ Namaste

  7. crazybear123 says:

    Pure and Simple

  8. shouthalleluja says:

    Grace me with your presense. The ONE search for GOD I AM

  9. wow,definately no mind at the end. A real siddha!

  10. computermaster says:

    Leeamra77 wrote yeb, pure and simple? shit.

    Get your act together mate. This is intended to help people, stop belitting the guru and his philosophy of yoga- by your comment like that, it seems you do need some sort of therapy.

  11. LibertyBelle69 says:

    Yoga is excellent.
    I do not know why people are commenting bad things about this yoga teacher. I guess not everyone has an open mind.
    I wish that I could find a man who appreciates yoga, vegans, and is a good person in general. I feel like I am drowning in a world of lonliness…I believe that more research needs to be conducted about mothers who practice yoga and especially tantric yoga.

  12. believerofgod says:

    Thank you for your blessings, divine master.

  13. Leto2ndAtreides says:

    More likely the dad wasn’t kind to the girl either.

  14. MIProductions1 says:

    Now I think of people as tranporters of focused concentrations. Somethings things will get them going, and the things that get them going, need be concentracted to another focus, that tells the first abrubted concetration how to resolve the loss of focus. Very confusing, and not something I can explain in full length here, but I am sure it can be brought out to form a new kind of psychological association method.

  15. istanthebull says:

    libertyBelle69 , you say you feel like your drowning in a world of lonliness maybe you should learn mindfullness so you can stop chasing things to make you happy. Being mindfull will help you enjoy anyones company and maybe fall in love with a person who isnt a vegan or a person who hasn’t expirienced yoga. You are limiting your life by thinking like you do .

  16. Excellent teaching, thank you, and straight to the point, very clear in explanation – appreciate this very much!

  17. pillsburydoughboy47 says:

    oh, never mind; I just read the description.

    Wow; 65 years old.

  18. Just for the record, this person did far from “get gray and grow a beard.” He spent years in the Himalayas learning from various gorakshnathas throughout the mountains and near Gangotri. He is accepted by other members of those Himalayan groups, some of whom are known, as their spokesperson and representative of their teachings. It is hard to gather someone’s real value from a 5-minute video clip, but much easier to ignorantly badmouth someone.

  19. the26thhour says:

    This happened to me yrs ago
    This is the 1st time I’ve heard anyone explain it so simply & only the 2nd person that I’ve heard explain it at all, even my Indian Guru didn’t listen to what I was saying & I don’t know what he assumed but he didn’t listen, so not my Guru anymore, in fact no one is cause everyone just assumes I’m starting out…
    Though in a way they were right, cause I gave up Samadhi for my ignorant loved one’s whom simply thought me mad & so fretted all the time
    SAMADHI joy

  20. the26thhour says:

    Not attacking u, just informing u, as an outsider:
    At 22yrs of age I achieved Samadhi but hav only now [almost 20yrs later] met some1 who can explain it so simply [cause it was a riddle], that being this guy
    I gave it up cause my closest & dearest thought u can’t be happy all the time, that’s more a sign you’r crazy than free, so I did, for them
    My loved 1’s forgot about me pretty quickly as we all returned to normality
    i.e. being dissatisfied & therefore unhappy virtually 24/7

  21. Try again. Use fewer words. Make sense please… Sounds interesting but, all these words just confuses. Go again, – keep it simple this time…

  22. Anyone can tell the difference between a snake and a dragon, and the Zen Master can tell faster than the blink of an eye.

  23. Do you feel that the men who don’t yet appreciate yoga and vegan lifestyle deserve the loneliness stemming from your lack of (and women like you) attention?
    Listen to what the man’s teaching. He says BE the master. You must be strong, stronger than lonely and stronger than judgmental attitude.

  24. qwalznarg says:

    true boundless wisdom