1. apleaforbrandon says:

    Like for instance the eroupeans and native Americans the natives Americans were much less advanced then the eroupeans even though they had been on the earth for the same amount of time. Why does a society progress at a fast or slower rate?

  2. claudialpl says:

    Ok this guy is definetely a pro… wow…

  3. agregg123 says:

    The voice instruction is really nice. There are many good alignment details. That being said this is really only a demonstration as only one side is worked. I don’t care how “advanced” you are, never do these poses until after Surya Namaskar and a series of standing poses!

  4. myyogaonline says:

    This is a short clip from a full yoga class. The other side is shown, of course, in the complete video. This pose comes later in the class after long standing sequences (so that the participant is warm).

  5. me10xmore says:


  6. butifarra61 says:

    either your are born flexible or not…yoga is not about these extreme positions but about breathing and meditating. still cool.

  7. dharmasiddhee says:

    butifarra, you are wrong about the “born with” factor…the body can be worked with although some are certainly more flexible than others. You are very correct about breathing and meditating. Yoga is about union with our Divine nature.The Divine. this is what yoga is about.

  8. teddansonLA says:

    Beautiful. Such a balance of effort and ease. Thank you!

  9. yogaorlando says:

    I think it’s great when people want to share their knowledge and their version, their opinion or view. Thanks for taking your time to share I really appreciate it.
    Namaste, YogaOrlando

  10. yogaorlando says:

    Thanks for sharing your version, view, opinion. Thanks also for taking the time to make such a video to share.
    Namaste, YogaOrlando

  11. happylongs says:

    Great video and inspiring

  12. joshjames76 says:

    Real question!

    I am a weight lifter and out of shape! I can barely stretch! How long would it take me to be able to do something like this? How often would I have to practice?

  13. ameeliaghareeb says:

    I’ve been practicing yoga for 3 years, and I’m about at this level.

  14. libriano91 says:

    Everyone can get flexible,although some people are more flexible than others.Gymnasts or martial artists for example are not born flexible,I guarantee you that from personal experience,you just need determination,discipline and the right training method. When you reach the highest level of yoga these so called “extreme positions” are not hard at all,you enter a state of mind and body oneness where you no longer need any effort to enter or maintain these positions that seem hard to the untrained.

  15. KENYELLUMBI says:

    amazing i know little abut yoga, infact this was my first try, and i could achieve this beautiful =]

  16. cherubina says:

    my legs are to long 🙁

  17. what the fuck give us something harder

  18. Nice Body, Nice Explanation about Postures, Nice Voice. Perfect. But not all people have open hips. You have. But still Practice makes things possible..

  19. OverXposedKC91 says:

    umm im not quite at the very end of this video yet.. soon ok? lol

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