1. Death Knight says:

    I plan on traveling to Japan next summer. I was wondering how far in advanced should I schedule my flight? And when do you think is the latest I can schedule it?

  2. Big Banger says:

    As far as UCA cheerleading goes, what is the most advanced tumbling skill you can do? (Regardless of division.) We’re just performing on mats, not springboard or anything. So what is the most advanced skill you can do? The most I’ve seen is a round-off backhandspring full twisting layout. Is there anything more advanced than that??

  3. johnarmguam says:

    That was beautiful.

  4. gerry2345 says:

    That was balance does not appear to be as good as yours…but I am getting there.

  5. gerry2345 says:

    Love the sea background.

  6. yogafan6500 says:

    Dashama, That’s so beautiful and the sea backgound is so great.

  7. Anneloubrady says:

    I loved this vinyasa, thankyou Dashama. Om Shanti

  8. This is beauty & holiness personified

  9. loveuskids3 says:

    thanks this was good me and my sister are doing yoga as our new years resolution and this will help us thanks

  10. That was too hard for me… you lost me at the opposite leg/arm up in the air 🙂

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