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  1. homerliveshere says:

    I bought an Adidas sport watch and a Nike triax swift digital LX watch on ebay, and neither came with instructions! An online search turned up nothing. Neither of their websites were any help. Clicking on Nike’s help e-mail pulled up CompuServe (!!!), which I don’t have. (Does anyone anymore?) Pushing buttons on the watches resulted in random changes. I bought these because they have the functions that I want, but until I get them to work, they’re worthless.

  2. Svojanovska says:

    nice breakdance 😎

  3. oh my god she most be the best in the bedroom

  4. sunshinepotter says:

    Thank you!!!!
    And Thank You for your quick response to my questions about inversions through pregnancy. (Your home page)
    You Rock!!! THANKS for helping me take my yoga practice to the next level.

  5. sayderrick says:

    She is the Michael Jordan of Yoga…

  6. Vannyhoney says:

    omg till the point she was with her feet in the air yoga was cool:D

  7. This is woman is amazing. I’m going to do this every morning

  8. redhotgirlon911 says:

    i have to ask a question how do you do this without looking at the computer

  9. lopezh0529 says:

    woah that was such a good workout

  10. BoldNBrazenBitch says:

    not looking at the video while doing during the first few practices is really difficult, but listen carefully while she tells you instructions and eventually will get used to it! im doing “dawn” and “dusk” by myself now!

  11. aznchink04 says:

    omg i was doing fine til’ she raise hers feet up in the air..thats when my mouth just dropped

  12. what a workout… im out of breath….

  13. Someone knows the name of the music that she uses in the video?

  14. meetmeenparis says:

    did anyone kind of fall during some of the balance exercises? I’m so embarrassed that I don’t have good even balance to do some of this stuff!

  15. Irishguy754 says:

    Hey great workout you get from this. Does anyone know where the missing part of the video is. in between part 2 and 3 there is a bit missing.

  16. juanjose00 says:

    i guess you really cant do both, youll have to visualize it and then do it, perhaps watch one pose pause the vid and practice it 🙂

  17. Its a good workout put a little too fast for me as a beginner!

  18. Backtoe13 says:

    its a work out thats all it is ..!

  19. frenchmansgirl says:

    Rainbeau has some good videos out…they’ve been out for a few years..pure power and pure sweat..much easier than these if you are just beginning but a very good workout…and she’s just come out with a new Rayoka video…

  20. smaddyaveitareddyman says:

    mine too honey. mine too. i just watched after that.

  21. tarun1982 says:

    hey all! asan indian its nice to see that all of you have have accepted yoga as a healthy practice.. and.. well its nice to know u follow these things 😛
    om shanti 🙂

  22. tarun1982 says:

    … are you.. sure about that?..