yoga abs workout guide

To start appearing thin and muscular, first you need to lose weight (if you are overweight). Balancing Stick is one of those “sleeper” postures in yoga. The exercise help in reducing weight. You balance on one leg, knee locked. The rest of your body is extended over it like a table-top. Arms are flexed hard, stretching straight past your head. One leg is lifted straight back, knee locked, toes pointed. In hot yoga, or Bikram Hot Yoga, it’s ten of the hardest seconds you can imagine. When you stand up, your heart will be pounding in your chest. Sweat drips from your nose. You want to gasp for breath but are encouraged to breathe “in through the nose, out through the nose,” in order to stay calm and not go running from the room. As my embroidered yoga mat says… “This ain’t no sissy yoga.” Yoga is easy to get into; you only have to do each posture as YOU are able on that day. You don’t have to be a skinny-minny, and you don’t have to be perfect. With hot yoga, your main goal is to stay in the room! In a hot, humid room, my ligaments and muscles stretch easier. By the end of the class, I feel wrung out like a dirty sponge. I’m soaking wet, exhausted and… calm! I can even pig out a little bit later in the day without sacrificing the calorie burning benefits of the class.

Swami Ramdev Baba recommends some of the simple yoga poses for weight loss program.

The exercises he recommends for weight loss are: 1. KapalBhati 2. Bhastrika 3. Baharya 4. Anulom Vilom 5. Bhramri 6.

Udgeeth Kapalbhati is the most popular one and it is a series of breathing like exercises while moving the muscles of your stomach strongly, these series of exercises can be safely practiced at home and even in public places while you have breaks, they are not invasive or require a lot of extremities movement.

Yoga poses for Abs

Among the different methods to achieve a flat stomach, there’s one that has been gaining ground over the last years, and now it stays as a permanent routine on thousands of gyms around the World: Yoga. But Yoga for abs is nothing new; many people in the western world are discovering how it can have a positive impact in their lives. Yoga relies on poses, and these Yoga poses that we are talking about will strengthen your abs in a way you thought it was impossible. On the other side, is good to note, that any change must be integral – that means that if you really want to see results you’ll also have to work your way to reduce excess fat (cardio and a great diet with stable sugar levels are critical components for success). What are the great poses on yoga for abs?

The Bow Pose

Lie flat on your stomach and grab your ankles with both arms while lifting at the same time your head. bow pose yoga postures weightloss You should end up resting on your stomach. NOTE: This is great also for chronic constipation!

The Peacock Pose

In this pose you’ll need to balance your abdomen on your co joined elbows while at the same time raising your legs. the peacock pose mayurasana weightloss This is a hard pose that you may not achieve at first, but still will do wonders for your abs.

Sun Salutations

This a pose combo. I tried to do these and at first found it very challenging. sun salutations weight loss strong abs That’s the thing with yoga, you may think it’s easy but it’s not! Sun salutations have also a spiritual importance in yoga, and like I said it involves motions, backward and forward motions. Sun salutations are a great way to begin your yoga fro stomach workout.

Cat Cow stretch

This exercise will stretch your abdominals, allowing them to grow. Stretching is also a way to strengthen your muscles. To do this, come on all fours and bend your spine on both ways, like a cat. cat cow stretch pose Now let us see how you can strengthen the abs with yoga poses. Remember to start out slow and don’t overdo it. Consult a physician in case of joints or body pain as you would normally do before beginning any physical workouts.

Strengthen Abs with Yoga

Here are a few exercises you may want to try:

1. The torso stretch

Place your hands at your sides and lift yourself up towards the ceiling while holding your breath for about 40 seconds. the torso stretch pose for abs workout Another way, is to lie on the hands down on the mat and stretch your neck upwards as shown in the image above.

2. The yoga crunch

Lay on your back and bring your knees up to your chest, hands over your head. Flex your feet towards the ceiling. Do not arch your back on the way down. the torso stretch pose for abs workout You will want slow and controlled movements when doing these exercises. You should feel the burn after several repetitions. You should also control your breathing process. This helps to stretch your abdominal muscles. one of the best forms of yoga is Pilates. This form of yoga focuses on the core/torso of the body and the rear, which control most of the body’s actions throughout the day. There are movements for every fitness level. Pilates has become very popular at working the abdominal region. There is a yoga movement known as “the plank”, where you basically push up your entire body on your arms and toes. It is very difficult, but very rewarding. There is also the “side plank”. These are both beneficial movements, but may take a while to master. If you take a few minutes out of your hectic day and try some yoga, it will not only benefit your abdominals, but your total body and mind as well. You will gain confidence by accomplishing the more advanced yoga movements. Along with your newfound confidence, you will also gain focus in your life. Although most lazy people perceive these exercises as useless, I challenge you to just try them. You’ll see how good they are! And we are talking about just yoga for abs here, in the end you’ll find yoga has solutions for very part of your body. Good luck getting that tight stomach!

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