1. God bless you..

    where can I see the full version of ‘7 steps to healing’?

    thank you

    love & peace to all

  2. jeannettegelber says:

    where can I see the full version of ‘7 steps to healing’?


  3. samee.. where can i see the full version? plz let us knw.. thx

  4. pranagold says:

    namaste! i will try to upload it again so you can see the full version. otherwise you can buy it from the nearest PH center in your town. blessings, pranagold

  5. Tangirl73 says:

    I’m not sure where the video is but I could tell you that the same thing and teachings are in the Chakra books. I had started to read one years ago and til today have been able to heal friends and family….spooked me at first and I didn’t believe it but it’s real….now I see aura’s around people. I saw brown one day n didn’t know the meaning…looked in the book and realized it was the color of sickness3 days later the girl was hospitilized with bad bronchitis…so I started to believe it all.

  6. niemand2099 says:

    So Prana is really Qi

  7. pranagold says:

    @niemand2099 Yes it is Qi, chi etc..

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