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  1. yesterday i got really great advice and reassurance for the gifts i’m getting my girlfriend. its not her birthday, but its a special night. can you tell me if this is an okay outfit, and then maybe help with the other details.
    okay should i wear dark jeans, white dress shirt and white sneakers. or black pants and dress shoes with a dress shirt?
    okay 2nd the gift i got wrapped and they put everything in separate boxes that are all different sizes with ribbons and all that fluffy stuff (which they charged a nice chunk of change for). but i got her 3 different perfumes, and juicy something necklace, and a bear from build a bear with two hearts in it, and i sprayed my cologne on it. (i got some of these ideas from ladies on here)
    but other than the outfit and the gift, and need you guys to let me know when should i tell her the 4 letter L word, i’m really nervous to tell her. when should i do it before dinner at the end of the night, before the gift, is there any romantic way that you girls wish you a guy would tell you? this night a big deal for me i’ve been buying the gifts and organizing everything for like 2 weeks, please help.
    i’m 18 and she’s 11 months younger than me.
    we’ve been together as boyfriend and girlfriend for 3 months-ish

  2. kateam1975 says:

    is this good to do if you have low back issues?

  3. hangedmanfool says:

    This should help fix that low back of yours right up 😉

  4. JessiBHicks says:

    I really enjoyed this video. I’ve been ill lately, and instead of my intense weight lifting workouts, I opted for some yoga to stretch and detox. It felt fantastic! I will be incorporating this into my regular routine. It’s incredibly good for emotional detox also. Great instruction and reminders of positions, breaths, and movements.

  5. YvetteCaroline says:

    Love the way you explain and present the asanas,