1. i want to cutdown my weight , i have undergone major operations so i became overweight ,so iam looking like abnormal

  2. Interspatialoid says:

    this was really fun! Thanks for posting!!! 😀

  3. sourireline says:

    magnifique routine, inspirant comme toujours!!

  4. deadmansthrottle says:

    i use this routine ea morning for a good laugh….thanks

  5. humanrascals says:

    Ignorant morons,when death strikes your ass at the least expected moment,try laughing. Yoga is not standing on your fucking head or stopping your breath or dancing half naked in a heated room like monkeys jumping from one tree to another.Yoga is to realize your Self. But how can you analyze your Self standing outside your Self through a microscope or telescope? Yoga is not filling some forms and attaining emancipation overnight nor is it attending some meditation boot camp.Yoga is a secret.

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