26 Ways Yoga Helps You Enjoy a Happy Healthy Life 1

In Vedic Sanskrit, yoga (from the root yuj) means “to add”, “to join”, “to unite”, or “to attach” in its most common literal sense. By figurative extension from the yoking or harnessing of oxen or horses, the word took on broader meanings such as “employment, use, application, performance” (compare the figurative uses of “to harness” as in “to put something to some use”). All further developments of the sense of this word are post-Vedic. More prosaic moods such as “exertion”, “endeavour”, “zeal”, and “diligence” are also found in Indian epic poetry.

Practising yoga can benefit you a lot. It will keep you happy and healthy in many ways.

How Yoga Help in Reducing Stress and Gain Strength

Listed below are some of the best ways yoga will help you stay healthy always:

1. Surya Namaskar for Increasing Height

This is an extremely beneficial and age-old yoga exercise. It comprises of 12 different postures. You must perform these in a chronological manner daily to derive desired results. The asana is especially beneficial in gaining height.

2. Kapalbhati Breathing for Hypothyroidism

The breathing exercise purifies respiratory tract and boosts oxygen supply and enriched blood to the body. This eventually stabilizes and strengthens thyroid gland and regulates hormones.

3. Halasana for Enhancing Beauty

This is known to be one of the most beneficial yoga for enhancing beauty. It cures pimples and small pustule. Halsana works towards improving and growing beauty. It makes you look younger, makes spine flexible, removes stomach fat, eliminates gas, constipation, and indigestion. It detoxifies the body and makes one look more beautiful.

4. Warrior Pose – Virabhadrasana I for Increasing Blood Circulation

The pose stretches muscles of neck, arms, shoulders, legs, and even the groin favouring contraction of muscle and relaxation. Toning up of muscles encourages circulation. Joints of legs, waist, spinal cord, and neck experience curves in opposite direction. This helps with regulation of the blood circulation to these joints.

5. Pranayama for Diabetes

Also known as breathing exercises pranayama offer extensive benefits. Practicing pranayama will cure diabetes. Hatha Yoga, comprises of about eight major pranayama techniques. These have been shown quite helpful in curing diabetic patients.

For Pranayama, alternate nostril breathing or Nadi Shodhan Pranayama is the basic preparation. It ensures a soothing effect on nervous system. This decreases stress levels and helps in curing diabetes. According to some researches, Bhastrika and Bhramari Pranayama help in diabetes. Bhasrika Pranayama raises oxygen levels and reduces carbon dioxide levels in the blood. Bharamari has calming effect on brain and nervous system.

6. Bhramari Pranayama (Bee Breath) for Acidity Relief

This is known to be very effective in instantly calming one’s mind down. It is also referred to as one of the best breathing exercises to release the mind of various vices including anxiety, anger, agitation, and frustration. This is also a very simple-to-perform technique and can be practiced anywhere at work or home. It is an instant option available to de-stress yourself. This breathing technique derives its name from the black Indian bee called Bhramari.

7. Pranama Mudra (Prayer Gesture) for Improving Heart Health

Pranam (or pranamam) means salutation. Pranam mudra is actually the posture of prayer. This asana gas a lot of benefits for the heart. This is a powerful mudra to protect heart from a number of ailments. It can be practised anywhere and at any time to enjoy the benefits.

8. Beat Stress with Ujjayi (Victory Breath)

Yoga is a powerful form of workout that helps easing the body and imparts strength to it. Listed below are some yoga postures and asanas that help you beat day to day stress that impacts life. It will calm, soothe and relax your stressed and frantic mind. The breathing movement presses against the nerve of parasympathetic system. This acts similar to a switch to set off the repairing and calming mechanism. The asana works on all of the major systems of the body and rejuvenates them. It heals and controls all of the body’s ailments. The exercise calms the mind through rhythmic sounds.

9. Trataka for Eye Health

This is one of the most powerful exercises for eyes. It would not be wrong to say that this is deceptively simple but a very powerful practice with tremendous benefits. The basic purpose of focusing the eyes on an external object is to arouse the internal vision and make it absolutely steady via stopping the eye movements. It enhances telescopic vision of the eyes and restrains the eyes into adjusting to far-near movements. The asana also rectifies lazy eye syndrome (one eye is weaker than the other).

10. Adho mukha svanasana for Better Sex

This is a little modified version to suit couples doing it together and benefit them equally. It will give you that much desired sexy back as you help each other release tension or pain that has been accumulated around the lumbar spine with the passage of time.

11. Sarvangasana for Low Blood Pressure

The asana is beneficial in improving blood flow towards the brain, thyroid & pitutary glands. It also works towards reducing mental & physical fatigue.

26 Ways Yoga Helps You Enjoy a Happy Healthy Life

12. Sun Salutation and Meditation for Preventing Suicide

Sun salutation stretches the body and the organs. This enhances oxygen amount received by the entire body. Right amount of oxygen going into the body will make one feel more awake and alive. Meditation is an integral part of yoga. The technique can be used as an efficient therapy for depression. Yoga de-stresses and removes all the negative thoughts and ideas plaguing in one’s mind.

13. Headstand or Sirsasana for Hair Loss

This asana ensures adequate blood circulation to scalp and enhances hair growth. It also curbs hair loss.

14. Adho Mukhswanasan for Back Pain

This pose is performed via placing your feet and palms on the floor about 5 feet apart. You must simultaneously push your hips upwards in order to make an inverted V with your body. The asana is very effective to stretch out the back. It also ensures immediate relief for lower back pains. The inverted V position straightens out the bones and muscles. This is a beneficial posture to relieve you of lower back pain.

15. Kapalbhati for Enhanced Hair Growth

Sit down on the floor with legs fold. Now rest your hands on the legs and sit in a very relaxing mood. Here, you need to indulge in proper inhaling and exhaling.

16. Supta Baddha Konasana as cancer Therapy

Also known as Reclining Bound Angle Pose, it works towards releasing tension and lifting up the spirits. Start with using a yoga mat, lie back. Now stretch your arms overhead. Relax the shoulders with arms at your sides, slightly away from your body, with the palms facing up. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and mindfully. Maintain this pose for up to 15 minutes.

17. Malasana (Garland pose) for Vertigo

Vertigo is a kind of abnormal sensation that one feels wherein the surrounding environment feels like continuous spinning, moving, or whirling. You may even experience a loss of balance and a feeling of nausea. Practicing Malasana helps via stimulation of nervous system, enhancing blood circulation, and improving body balance.

18. Leg’s Up Pose for Migraine

The migraine headaches are the worst pain one can suffer from in their lifetime. There are no treatment options other than some lifestyle changes and popping painkillers as and when the attack starts. Yoga helps in getting relief from pain for a long time. Leg up is an inverted pose. It facilitates improvement of circulation in the lower limbs. The exercise will instantly raise flow of blood to the brain. It offers deep relaxation and nourishment during a headache.

19. Lion Face for Age Reversing Benefits

This is helpful in maintaining a youthful look. The jaw stretch practise releases tension in facial muscles and tones up the neck muscles.

20. Ardha Matsyendrasana for Smoking Cessation

Yoga works as a complementary stress-reduction practice and helps combat emotional stress. Researches and studies have proved that regular practice of yoga reduces stress, negative impact, and anxiety among women smokers. Practicing Ardha Matsyendrasana on a regular basis promotes consistent involvement of breathing pattern. Focussed attention on breathing enhances mood and promotes inner peace.

21. Deep Breathing for Enhancing Beauty

For enhanced health and beauty, you need to indulge in deep, yogic breathing session. This is very essential and you can easily practice it anywhere in order to reduce stress-related health conditions and hormones that can lead to early ageing. All you require doing is breath in deeply, without force, and exhale deeply without force. Most importantly, allow your mind rest just on breath.

22. Janu Sirsasana for Slim Figure

This is classified under beginners/ basic pose. This asana can be easily performed at home. The asana is also termed as ‘the head-to-knee pose’ or ‘the seated forward bend pose’. This will help you lose belly fat and maintain a slim figure.

23. Agnisaar for Enhancing Libido

It is a kind of breathing exercise that facilitates you to relax and stimulate your senses. Agnisaar involves holding of breath and pushing your abdomen in and out as much as you can. Remember that Agnisaar takes a lot of practice before offering benefits.

26 Ways Yoga Helps You Enjoy a Happy Healthy Life  12

24. Pranayama for Arthritis

Simple Pranayama is recommended for arthritis patients. This involves deep breathing. One needs to concentrate on a special type of Pranayama that involves Inhalation via right nostril and exhalation via both nostrils. It also involves creating a sound of ‘hmm’.. (the honey bee Sound) from the throat. This is very effective in Arthritis patients.

25. Paschimottanasana for Headache

Yoga can treat headache. The best way to do this is to practise Paschimottanasana regularly.

26. Talasana or The Palm Tree Pose for Piles

The body should be held upright like the trunk of a palm tree. The body gets a nice built and becomes well-proportioned agile. It expands the ribcage and enhances capacity of the lungs. It firms up the respiratory muscles. The muscles of abdomen, lower back, and pelvis are also benefitted.

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