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  1. hisoka3ks says:

    I am waiting for them to appear !!!

  2. channelseeker7 says:

    Confirmation for all Yoga Practioniers!

  3. arjunanandaji says:

    We are already here 🙂

  4. aum108arjuna says:

    pleas it is possible to have subtile in english ^^
    god bless you
    om shanti shanti shanti

  5. the sentence sounding like “the suit on the lamp glass of the world disciple is too much” – can anyone correct me plz ?

  6. “soot” …..meaning an ashy residue, obstructing clarity

  7. HamsaYogi says:

    Namaste – retorius, the word referred to here is “soot”, like the soot in a chimney that periodically must be cleaned to avoid a house fire. Blessings!

  8. He meant, “the soot..”

  9. anooppandeyis says:

    Good video, Thanks for uploading!

  10. babajisnow000 says:

    You are an wise man, cause figured out that Shiva, Sanat Kumara and Babaji are the same cute beeing :o) (LOL)

  11. babajisnow000 says:

    How about considering yourself Abraham talking to your beloved son :o)? Loved this video :o), gave me more hope in my still bubbleing see of doubts about some constructive future events… cause till now only repetitions of the same old sad story, cause of same old nasty frustrations…

  12. meaning cleaning all the ‘dirt’ of who we are….burning karmas so we can see who we really are, through the new glass…when the soot is off!

  13. the transcription here is wrong. he’s said “…i don’t think there’ll be an actual world war…”