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Andrea Nicole said she was impressed with the benefits of yoga. “After moving to New York and taking my first yoga class, I was immediately hooked. Yoga made me feel free. I was encouraged to take a 200 hour Vinyasa teacher training. In my training I met Jared McCann, and he discovered I’m a back-bender. He was the one who encouraged me to do the yoga competition. When I started practicing yoga I was like a rubber band: hyper flexible but with zero strength or stability. I was able to develop physical strength in my body and inner strength as a person. Yoga constantly reminds me that my body is a bridge to get to something higher; each pose has the ability to take us to that perfect stillness where time and space stop and everything just is. Yoga, this union, is so beautiful because it puts body and soul together. As humans we feel so broken sometimes, but through this practice we can join our pieces back together and realize we are and have always been whole and complete. As whole beings we are able to connect with others, with nature and with god, and realize we’re all part of something bigger and far more beautiful.”

John Schoggins further shared his personal experience on Yoga.

“Yoga heals. I originally started practicing yoga due to a back injury. Years of heavy weightlifting with little regard for form led to an L5/S1 disc herniation in 2005.The pain was excruciating, as was the emotional toll. I took medication, did some physical therapy, and went right back to lifting. After re-injuring it in 2007 I heard that yoga was restorative, so I decided to try it out. I practiced a vinyasa flow for almost two years before attending my first Bikram Yoga class in 2010. It was hard and I didn’t think I was going to make it. After class, however, I felt amazing. Over time, my spine started to heal and my mind started to clear.”

“Early in my yoga practice, I learned about yoga competition and was intrigued. Since then, I have competed in three New York State Regional, two Texas Regional, and two National Championships. Perhaps the greatest lesson I have learned through competitive yoga is the ability to maintain a mind-body connection in the face of multiple challenges—judges, spectators, time constraints, etc. Yoga Asana truly becomes the present moment.”

Scott Martin also shared his love for yoga moves.

“I began practicing yoga in Texas in 2005. Years of long-distance running had taken a toll on my knees and yoga worked to re-align sore joints and to heal my knees. Bikram Yoga Richardson became my home studio in 2007 where studio director, Yassi Maige, and the other teachers, inspired me to do several 60-day challenges. My business travels often take me to Asia, Europe, and various North American cities. I have had the pleasure of practicing at yoga studios in the US, Canada, China, India, Thailand, and South Korea. Having retired from most running, but missing the annual training for the fall Dallas running season, I felt the need to step up my physical activity. Yassi suggested that I train for the 2010 Texas Asana Championships. Training for the competition was a mix of fun, stress, and outstanding yoga. Each year since, I have competed in the Texas Regional competition. In 2014, when USA Yoga established the senior division, I scored high enough to be invited to Nationals, but couldn’t compete due to a business conflict. I was invited to compete at the 2015 USA National competition in the senior men’s division and won after almost being cut in the pre-qualifier round.”

We are sharing here archive video to inspire you to participate in yoga championships if you are serious yoga practitioner.

Bikram Yoga Championships Amsterdam


  1. Those are super moves… my god… how can they manage it like that sooooooo easily. Must be a practice of years. Sorry I abused yoga to practice sex poses. Now I realize my blunders. I could have used it for body exercise and make difficult postures possible for my inner strength and not to boost weak sex. Sorry again.

  2. Why this yoga sport is not that popular. Why it is not promoted like other sports while it seems to be the best for mental and physical strength.

  3. soccermaster1 says:

    I upgraded to outlook 2007 and i like to print out my calendar per week in “Weekly Style”, daily boxes top to bottom, but now all my info gets cut off of the box instead of wrap texting like it used to, how do i change this so all the info stays within the boxes? if anyone could help i would greatly appreciate it. thank you.

  4. That was awesome! His standing back bend was ridiculous!

  5. tomassocannavaro says:

    well who the fuck are you? (not a private message)

  6. chickarie9 says:

    amazing standing bow pose!

  7. tigerwiggle says:

    What an amazing yogi! He was so graceful in getting into and out of these postures. This is truly mindblowing!

  8. manbanger1 says:

    will this type of yoga teach me how to go down on myself?

  9. trextrudel says:

    I’ll tell you what. That is the most impressive display you will see as far as flexibility in yoga for men is concerned. His form is without a doubt flawless. Anybody who has to criticize the competition should be concerned with whether the yogi in the contest is doing HIS yoga practice. You can’t say what alright for this man. He looked quite pleased with himself at the finish. Also, he is practicing sense with drawl. by doing his sadhana with so many distractions.

  10. Taurus8763 says:

    OK… this guy will live to about 120……

  11. kaosmonger73 says:

    Is that Mr Richards from the Fantastic Four??
    Damn that guy is elastic and strong very cool stuff here.

  12. asakokuboki says:

    So strong and beautiful! was the music added afterwards?

  13. Garethtkd says:

    yoga = unlimited possibilities!

  14. Yes, impressive, but not the most impressive display of yoga flexibility for men. I’ve seen many male ashtanga performers go far beyond what this guy can do.

  15. shravana108 says:

    I always thought yoga was about transcending the ego (and competetiveness)

  16. Wow…I practice Bikram…this is sooooo beautiful

  17. killintymm says:

    @shravana- yes, and thats why this is nonsense. how do you practice for such a competition? and its more to do with the mind than external acrobatics. next they should have a meditation competition and judges can look at the meditating faces and judge the winner. also they should have a prayer competition.

  18. sabine45102 says:

    Real yoga is all about respecting your body for what it can do and appreciating your own body’s history. There is no place in yoga for competition or judgement.

  19. bobbi1132 says:

    Totally agree that this is about competition and not about the true meaning of Yoga. Yoga is the union of body, mind and spirit. This is about competition and ego. Not to take away from this man’s poses they are truly wonderful. But let’s keep it in prospective and call it posing competition instead of YOGA.

  20. UpasanaKaDasi says:

    contortion on exhibition. tell us how it is.

  21. This is weird, people watching people do yoga, this is totally against yoga!

  22. kundaliniairport says:

    hey .. yoga olympics..
    my spine is more flexible than yours .. yay ..

    and now my ego is also bigger than yours ..

    … wankers !!!

  23. osmosis69 says:

    c’est jolis mais ce n’est pas du yoga!!c’est de la gym…..

  24. pegaso1956 says:

    O rapaz é muito talentoso! parabéns!

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