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  1. I want to meditate and I don’t know the exact rules to do it. Please explain.

  2. TheyH8MePoopsie says:

    it’s a pet name for someone. i never known a poopsie or even heard of anyone called poopsie except in old hollywood.
    I asked you because you told me to be happy.
    and so i wanted to know how much you knew about emotions.

  3. Ozarkmadness56 says:

    the first combat came out of necessity. Group A had something that Group B didn’t, so Group B attacked and stole it. This behavior was rewarded with survival. Anger, as with every emotion, started in a very mild, primitive form, a slight twinge when the squirrel’s nut was stolen. It was a little random mutation that, because it happened to make the animal frightening and vicious, allowed the the animal to retain more of its nuts.

  4. TheyH8MePoopsie says:

    I already researched it.
    Thanks though.

  5. fadinweed says:

    Does Drugs make Meditation easier or harder? I heard Pot is the best choice, if you are a very “experienced meditator” otherwise it confuses you, and make things harder.

  6. jimizhoopla says:

    there is different forms of meditation, this is breath control. buddha quit extreme ascetics because breath control nor starvation helped him acheive anytype of energy. we shouldnt try to meditate, because in trying we already fail. do not try. its hard to explain when you are trying to explain concepts of the Dao de Jing.

  7. j100055727 says:

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  8. lilrhey24135 says:

    do meditation helps you to forget your past?

  9. stupidjassi says:

    @lilrhey24135 : It certailly help you change your perception toward anything including past memories .

  10. Aaron117x says:

    @lilrhey24135 it does.

  11. AsianAsianAsianAsian says:

    i love smoking a spleezer and meditating

  12. yayakawaii says:

    problem is that if you use drugs you wont be able to achieve anything without it after…

  13. impermanentoo says:


    Drugs will cause hallucination and feel miserable later. Meditation will make the mind clear and happy.

    Drugs is impermanent. Meditation when done properly will lead to nibbana, which is a blissful and eternal mental state

  14. impermanentoo says:


    Meditation can do a lot of wonders of done in a proper manner. To forget your past is just one of the things that meditation can do for you.

    Learn from a virtuous and experienced monk or teacher.

  15. LordEmilous says:

    the part at around 5:00 is so true, it’s like that ppl under stress also have physical damage to their bodies.
    probably cause lots of thoughts.

    If everyone would meditate there would be world peace!

  16. gildone84 says:

    “do not try. its hard to explain? when you are trying to explain concepts of the Dao de Jing.”

    ~Tao does nothing yet leaves nothing undone

  17. jimizhoopla says:

    ‘a good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving’

  18. MatthewWiddison says:

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  19. anadominguezz says:

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  20. Bamlikebambam says:

    im hawing really hard time not to think about other things when trying to meditate … im allways thinking of steps telling in this video. SO am i suppose to think about breathing or ??? its soo hard … give me some tips pls.

  21. hmsmatthew says:

    You cannot force the mind. You will always have thoughts constantly. You must just learn to accept them, they will flow constantly like a river. You can experiment with your conciousness by imagining your thoughts as a flowing river, and then slowly pulling yourself out of this river. The key is not to fight the thoughts – you will never win – you must accept them and love them as a part of yourself. When you do this you will be able to return focus on the breath.

  22. churchofrawk says:

    peace search p*p*a*

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  24. at 1:34, when we do not breathe at all, then what will happen? is it possible to get the cosmic energy by breathing a small amount of air, but not ceasing the breathe? thanks