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When women are looking for a fitness program you know they’re not just looking to ‘get fit’. Anyone who understands women knows that they always have more than one reason for doing anything!

As women we want to get fit, but we also want to: lose weight, halt the effects of aging, improve our tone, improve our flexibility, look younger, be more attractive to the opposite sex and even more importantly help us look attractive enough to pass inspection by other women.

Women Fitness?

Know Why You Want to Be Fit and Make Goals

Before you start any fitness program you have to really decide that your goals are important enough to keep you motivated and overcome all the excuses you used in the past. Your fitness program must become one of those things that you do without question, like eating or brushing your teeth. Unless you are convinced of the benefits of your fitness program and that you want it enough to stay focused, and then want to avoid the risks you’ll face if you don’t use your fitness program properly, you won’t have any success.

Regardless if you feel that you are in good health or not, you should always see your physician before beginning any fitness program. A good fitness program will provide for vigorous exercise but involves minimal health risks for you if you are in good health or following a doctor’s advice.

A woman fitness program for your unique needs and wants will enable you to perform up to your true potential. A specific fitness program written for you will help you look, feel and do your best.

It will also give you the ability to perform daily tasks vigorously and alertly, with energy left over for enjoying leisure-time activities after you’ve finished with your daily fitness program.

As you start your exercise routine, it’s important to remember that fitness is an individual quality that varies from person to person. It is influenced by age, sex, heredity, personal habits, exercise and eating practices, so if you have someone you admire who is really fit and want to be like, make sure it is someone who is most like you, just like comparing apples with apples.

A good woman fitness program will help you to determine how often, how long and how hard you exercise and what kinds of exercises you do should be determined by what you are trying to accomplish. So decide beforehand what it is you most want out of your program, when your trainer is writing you program this is one of the first questions you will be asked.

What you do during your actual exercise sessions will also depend on your specific goals, your current fitness level, age, health, etc. However, don’t try to do too much too soon and don’t quit before you have a chance to experience the rewards. You can’t regain in a few days or weeks what you have lost in years of sedentary living, but you can get it back if you are consistent. Remember take baby steps and you will avoid ‘burning out’ before you really get going.

A Good Fitness Program Should Provide You With…

The following health benefits:

Increased efficiency of heart and lungs;

Reduced cholesterol and triglyceride levels;

Increase and maintain bone density to prevent osteoporosis;

Reduced blood pressure;

A reduced risk of cancer, including colon cancer, stroke, diabetes, heart attack, heart disease, and many other diseases and ailments;

An improved sense of wellbeing;

More energy;

Less stress;

An improved quality of sleep;

Reduced stress levels;

Improve your sexual performance and restore libido.

Did you know that to lose ½ kilogram of body fat each week through exercise, we need to burn off approximately 2,500 kilojoules (600 calories) extra each day? Based on this figure, the answer to how much exercise is easy: that amount of exercise which burns an extra 2,500 kilojoules (kJ) per day, or 16,000kJ per week.

So this means that the amount of exercise needed for a 100kg person (the amount of energy burned during exercise varies depending upon the body weight of the exerciser) to burn the total 16,000kJ per week equate to:

Approximately 10 hours of walking at 5kph (3mph) per week – or 90 minutes per day.

Approximately 4 hours of jogging at 10kph (6mph) per week – or 35 minutes per day.

Approximately 4½ hours of cycling at around 20kph (12mph) per week – or 40 minutes per day.

So, if the same 100kg person walked only three times a week for twenty minutes each time, they would only burn 1,500 kilojoules. That’s more than just a few short of the 16,000 needed isn’t it!

If you’re overweight, eating your usual amount of calories while increasing activity will see some good results, but eating fewer calories combined with good fitness program is even better.

Scientists have proven that calorie restricted diets extend life!**

It seems that when a woman limits her intake to 1000 calories a day and 1500 for a man they could extend their lives past 150 years and live well. According to this research the biomarkers of aging: cholesterol, fasting glucose and blood pressure can almost be reversed using this method. More scientific research is needed to qualify exactly why this seems to work and people are advised to take a cautious approach to strict dieting (especially with children and those with health challenges) , but the research is conclusive. (check it out for yourself online: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20746251/; or


**Of course it goes without saying that we are not recommending you starve yourself, this is almost as bad as eating too much! And always consult your health professional first.

The only way you can increase your metabolism so your body burns more fat and have a nice firm, toned body is to use an good fitness program that includes variety and use that exercise routine consistently.

A lack of a consistent fitness program will cause your muscles to get soft, and if food intake is not decreased you will add body fat.

What Else Will A Good Fitness Program Do For Me?

Lose weight, easily & quickly – And Keep It Off!

Improve your appearance and self-esteem;

Tone & firm your muscles;

Improve your posture & relieve back, shoulder & neck pain;

Fit into the clothes you’ve always wanted to;

Enhance your social life;

Increased Stamina;

Be the envy of all your friends;

Have a lot more Free time to spend with family & friends;

Save a lot of money!

Thinking about starting a new diet and fitness program is much harder than actually doing it. But once you do get started with an effective fitness program you’ll love the changes you’ll make in your body and get addicted to feeling and looking good. The main thing is to think about it as a lifestyle change, more in keeping with the person you have always known you are, deep down inside.

Some Final Thoughts…

You need to understand that there are no magic tricks, no shortcuts and no other way to improve your health and the way you look but with dedication, consistency and an effective program. It is also important to remember that if you feel that it is all just a chore, you will more than likely give up. So make it fun, and change not just your fitness habits, but your life outlook to include health and vitality right at the top of your list of priorities.

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