Are you worried not giving ample time to your kids?

You must know how to manage time for children and family

When you walk in the door, you see a stack of papers floating around your desk, and when you go home, just as at the office, you can’t find those important papers you need so desperately to stay out of trouble or make an excuse.

[box] When you come home at night, you and your spouse argue, and your children ignore you because you just aren’t spending family time with some of the important people in your life.[/box]

Does this sound familiar?

Have you ever wondered why?

Well, you are not managing your time accordingly so that you reap benefits and the ones you love are happy. You are not organized, so therefore how the heck can you find those important documents?

Moms already have a big responsibility and we neglect to manage our times, our responsibilities turn to chaos.

Let’s face it: it is never easy to stay organized when we have busy work schedules and a family to attend to, as well as other responsibilities.

The traditional individuals often store files in a filing cabinet, and clean their room and desk once every week. However, there are people out there that are spontaneous. Some of us even store documents so they are out of sight and soon find those documents are out of mind, until someone calls their attention to the papers.

[box] The key to success moms is getting your priorities straight.

If you shop for groceries once per week, you can cut back time by buying enough to last longer, so that grocery shopping isn’t part of your weekly plan.[/box]

The extra hour or more that you spend at the supermarket can be spent on quality time with the family. This is only one solution to managing your time, but it is certainly a start. In addition, you can make up a list of your duties, starting with the most important tasks first, and working through the list one at a time. I found this to be a great solution for managing time, since when you work hard to complete one task, the rests fall into place with ease.

If you spend an hour or even one half hour in the mirror, it is probably because you are not feeling good about your self. It takes approximately five minutes to put make-up on, and to stand in the mirror longer is only taking up time.

Hair is also important since our person in general sets an impression. If you spend longer time than needed doing your hair, try finding nice looking hairstyles that are less complicated to style. This is also a great process of the time management solution. Clothing should also be limited but appropriate for whatever it is that you doing and it should not take less than a couple of minutes to get dressed.

Unless you are a model, or actress, overdressing is not appropriate in most cases for every day life situations. If you are spending extra time preparing meals, you might want to consider recipes that are quick and healthy to manage your time mom.

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  1. My mom works for an insurance company right now and she doesn’t like it. Right now she is on medical leave because she is having surgery so she has been looking for new jobs. She majored in management in college and she has also taken a class on how to do floral arrangements. I keep telling her to do stuff with flowers but she thinks she is terrible at it when I think she is great. She doesn’t think she is creative. I don’t know what to do or what jobs she should go for. Help me please.

  2. Sir fliesalot says:

    We have the experience, patience and very reliable. We have to be we are responsible for alot. We understand shuffling time to fit everything in, thats what makes us that much better than employing someone just out of school. Secondly we have loads of experience. Myself I am 39, I have experience squeezing out of every cell.
    Us mothers going back to work, have computers and can take unfinished work home with us to finish when we put the kids in bed.
    If I was an employer, I would hire me. Do younger people ask that to themselves honestly?
    I would also like to add, employment agencies are not focused to help mothers go back to work, but on getting full time jobs for younger people.
    With all my experience and everything I was sent to stuff and packing jobs, when someone straight out of school was getting administration jobs without hardly any experience.
    I have qualifications and experience just haven’t been working for 5 years while I brought up my two young children. My tubes are tied – no more surprises – give me a chance.

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