First, you must be sure that you want to get a Brazilian bikini wax. Consider trying first the standard bikini wax which will remove the hair from your bikini line or the full bikini which will remove most of your pubic hair apart from the most sensitive areas. A Brazilian bikini wax removes ALL your pubic hair.

Brazilian waxing is the favorite way of getting rid of pubic hair for a great majority of women that want to look sexy and show off their bikini body. One of the many benefits of waxing is that it leaves the skin smooth, stubble-free and the hair takes weeks to grow back. As we all know, shaving leaves your skin dry, could cause razor burns and razor cuts are painful and sometimes leave you with unwanted scars. It can also cause ugly bumps and ingrown pubic hairs, especially around the bikini area which is a very sensitive part of your body.

As opposed to shaving and using depilatory creams, pubic hair waxing actually pulls the hair from the root shaft where it grows which is precisely why the hairs can take up to 4 to 6 weeks to grow back. Something else that is great about this kind of waxing is that the more you do it, the longer your hair takes to grow back so over time you will wax less and less.

Ready for Brazilian waxing ?

First cut experience to deal with waxing

If you are considering getting a Brazilian wax, just make sure your hair is long enough for the wax to actually grab it. A good way know the area is ready is by taking the pubic hair with your fingers and pulling it. If you can do that, you are ready for your Brazilian wax.

Some also recommend to wax 1 week after the start of your menstrual period since our body sensitivity is reduced during this time and we feel more calm than before or during the menstrual period. It is normal to experience some redness on the skin for 2 to 3 days after waxing. Also, if you are pregnant and are considering getting this done, know that pubic hair waxing is perfectly safe for pregnant women and even recommended to keep yourself looking beautiful and neat since it is so hard to shave or trim the pubic hair during pregnancy when the belly gets in the way.

Now, the term Brazilian waxing doesn’t refer to removing pubic hairs per se but to the actual removal of almost all the pubic hair from front to back except for a thin line of hair that is left on the pubis. This kind of waxing got his name because Brazilian bathing suits are usually cut very very small and Brazilian waxing made it possible to wear them without showing any unsightly hair.

DIY brazilian waxing method

Brazilian waxing – Advantages

Although the full body wax trend has caught on around the world recently, the practice has been around for eons. Women all over the world have experienced the sensuous feel of a clean, waxed body and that’s why the Brazilian wax is so popular. Women who love to keep their vagina clean and smooth – removing unwanted hairs also prefer Brazilian wax treatment.

Advantages of Brazilian wax

1. Cosmetic benefits

Smooth look from Brazilian wax is obvious. It gives you a clean, smooth and sensuous feel all over the body. A hairless body is also liberating as it gives you the freedom to wear skinny bikinis and show your skin without any embarrassment about accidentally showing your hairy pubes.

2. Unwanted removal

Brazilian waxing slows down hair growth and makes the new hair finer and less coarse.

Many women confuse Brazilian wax with a bikini wax. There’s a fine difference between the two:

Bikini waxing removes the hair from around the bikini line, so that pubic hair won’t show when wearing a bikini. Brazilian wax on the other hand cleans your entire pubic area of all hair, and makes it completely hairless. If you want, you can have a decorative patch of hair left, like a landing strip or a square of hair.

Brazilian waxing – Disadvantages

Disadvantages of Brazilian wax

The main complaints women have about Brazilian waxing are these:

1. It is painful

Sure, it is painful to have your hair stripped off from some of the most sensitive parts of the body, and it might even last for a while. But it is also a fact that as you get a waxing treatment regularly and as your body gets used to it, the pain becomes less over time. Also, it is often notices that the pain is often actually less than you anticipate.

2. It is embarrassing

Having to let someone strip off your pubic hair can be embarrassing to some for sure, but look at it in a different way: the person performing your waxing is an experienced professional and they do it every day, so they don’t really care about how ugly your pubic hair looks. And anyway, why would you need them if didn’t have pubic hair problems?

At the end of the day, there’s a price for everything, and the above mentioned are really a small price for a sexy, clean look.

Brazilian male female pubic hair waxing, Brazilian male female pubic hair waxing

Where you find Brazilian waxing skin treatment?

How Brazilian and Bikin waxing  goes?

We advice you to get your first brazilian bikini wax by a professional. Many women who try to give themselves a brazilian bikini wax, cause damage and their bikini area looks worse after the brazilian wax.

You could find a salon that offers a brazilian bikini wax in any big US city. Just look in the “Yellow pages” or in any search engine for “brazilian wax” + “name of your city”.

After locating a salon, find out how many brazilian waxes they do a week? Make sure that the persons who are responsible for the brazilian bikini wax are experienced. Ask to talk to customers that got a brazilian bikini wax from the same salon.

Open your purse. A brazilian bikini wax may cost up to 100 US dollars. However, the average cost is about 50 bucks. We advice you pay not less than the average price to get a professional treatment.

Come to your scheduled treatment with a good mood after taking a warm shower cleaning your pubic area. You will get into a separate room or a hole with a curtain. Then you will lie on a bed with your knees up or legs down.

Then, the therapist will trim down your pubic hair with scissors to a length of about a quarter inch.

Afterwards, the real thing will start. The waxer will start the waxing process. He will use a low temperature wax to cause less pain. When the wax cools he will pull it out with your pubic hair – some also add stylish pubic designs. This part is the most painful one. However, the first time is the most painful one. The hair can be pulled out easier in the following times.

The waxer will ask you to get into some weird uncomfortable positions – holding your legs up, to the side and even over your head.

If the waxer is a good one the painful part will end quickly. If you feel it takes too long or that the pain is unbearable, just tell the therapist that you need a little rest.

When the waxing is done a soothing lotion should be applied to the pubic area.

Your bikini area will stay smooth for at least 3 weeks with no maintenance at all. Make the most out of it.


  1. 786ZebeidaK says:

    Kya jab mai apni choot ke aas paas se khud se remove karungi toh infection hoga. Suna hai infection ka khatra bana rehta hai. Kya mai apni choot kisi gair mard ya aurat ko dikhaungi toh yeh haram nahi kya islam may wax karna allowed hai, Pleaseeeeeee help kare. zubeida k from pakistan

  2. WOMANme87 says:

    SAY NO TO WAXING …. हाल ही में एक नए प्रकार के यौन संक्रमण रोग के बारे में जानकारी सामने आई है। इस यौन संक्रमण रोग को माइकोप्लाज्मा जेनेटीलियम।

  3. भीजरि परसा says:

    बिकनी वैैक्स के बढ़ता चलन महिलाओं को खूबसूरत त्वचा के साथ उनके सेक्सुअल स्वास्थ्य पर भी असर डाल रहा है। वैक्सिंग के दौरान बैक्टेरियल इंफेक्शन के जरिए एसटीआई होने का खतरा बढ़ जाता है।

  4. JDOGG1122 says:

    If i shave my pubic hair with a razor it will start to feel prickly within 1 day! this is becoming a big problem now and its annoying shaving it all the time.

    any easier options?
    I dont really want to try waxing i dont think i could cope with the pain!

    Thanks in advance.. x x

  5. I’ve grown tired of expensive waxing and refuse to try it on my own.

    How long does Nair last?

  6. And how can I stop it. I tried using nivea lotions but no luck. There are a few red spots and it still itches.

  7. whitesoxfan2347 says:

    Alright, I’ve never gotten anything waxed before, and tomorrow I am getting a full on Brazilian wax. I know it’s probably not the most intelligent idea, but there’s a really good deal for first timers at an amazing place. So, I’m taking advantage of it. Anyways, I need tips! What can I do to reduce pain? Things like that.

  8. I want to wax myself for bikini season, and I don’t want to spend the money on going to a salon. I have idea what to do – what drugstore brands are the best? Can anyone else give me tips/suggestions?

    Lastly, how much does it hurt?

    Thanks girls!!

  9. slipknot0129 says:

    i dont wanna do it myself
    i wanna get it done professionally & how does the the pain feel
    ohh and how long does it take :))

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