What is cosmetic contact lens

Cosmetic contact lenses are a professional beauty secret that is hitting the mainstream, extending from fashion circuit to common public. For years, stylists have given fashion models, actors, and actresses colored contact lenses to enhance or obscure natural eye color for striking visual effects. Rumors often abound about whether the stunning shade of a young starlet’s eyes is natural or not, but regardless of whether the It-girl of the moment was born with those baby blues it is safe to say that colored contact lenses are a powerful beauty tool.

Many of the people who opt for colored contacts have light colored eyes but are looking for a little bit of extra power. If you want to give your baby blues a little bit of extra zip, or want to give your light green eyes a bit of special luster, consider looking into contacts that have an enhancement tint.

Enhancement tints are translucent, so they capture the complexity and natural variation of your eye’s appearance while adding a little bit of extra color.

Actors and actresses often find themselves cast in roles that require a total switch in eye color. For these kinds of drastic changes, only contacts with a full color tint can do the job. With an opaque color tint, you can turn your dark hazel eyes to a pale, dreamy gray. You can even swap your commonplace dark brown color for an attention getting shade of amethyst or violet. Whether you are looking to transform for a feature film, for a special event like a prom, or just to add a little something out of the ordinary to a regular night on the town, a contact with a color tint can do the job.

Color contact lenses certainly look great, but in some cases they may not be so great to look through. The center of any colored contact lens is clear, which allows your pupil free, unfiltered access to light and images. However, slight vision problems can occur if your pupil is larger than the center of the lens.

Because pupils are constantly growing and shrinking in size so that you can see equally well in situations where there are varied levels of light, there is no way to size a colored contact so that you can be certain that your pupil will never be partially covered by the tint.

For this reason, make sure that you have worn your contacts several times to determine whether they obscure your ability to see before you attempt any potentially dangerous activity, such as driving at night. Even quality contact lens have some subjective problems as howto and ehow suggested earlier:

Lens Deposits Due To Contact Lenses

Deposits of intraocular fluid (or aqueous humor) on the contact lenses are a possible side effect. These deposits can result in the contact lenses being uncomfortable to wear. They can also raise the chance of developing an eye infection. Deposits have a higher chance of developing with soft contact lenses as opposed to hard contact lenses, as soft lenses are more flexible and therefore more susceptible to having eye fluids stick to them.

Cornea Issues due to Contact Wears

Problems with the cornea also sometimes result from wearing contact lenses, such as vision haziness and swelling of the eyes. This is caused by lower amounts of oxygen being delivered to the corneas, which is a condition known as hypoxia. Scrapes and scratches to the corneas can also occur. The cornea’s shape can also be changed by contact lens wear. Corneal infections such as bacterial keratitis are also possible.

Eyelid Inflammation due to colored contact lenses

Inflammation of the eyelids is also possible with wearing contact lenses. Some people might experience small, inflammatory bumps that appear under their eyelids, which can make wearing contact lenses painful and uncomfortable.

Dry Eyes due to contact lens stress

One common side effect of wearing contact lenses is developing dry eyes. This condition results from having insufficient tears. Dry eyes can occur in wearers of soft and hard contact lenses, alike. People with dry eyes might experience symptoms such as the eyes feeling hot, a sensation of something stuck inside the eye, redness, and burning or tearing.

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  1. Hotshot t says:

    My freind told me that if you headbang while wearing contact lenses it could go round the back of your eye, damage it and blind you. I have a coloured contact lens which is puerly cosmetic and was wondering if this is true. Btw it’s like marilyn mansons.

  2. uberfailz says:

    I have 20/20 vision, && do not NEED contacts. I was just wanting to buy a pair of baby blue contacts with no vision correction. i wouldn’t wear them every day, just maybe once or twice a week! if you have ever had cosmetic contacts (that’s what the contacts with no vision correction are called) what was you’re review on them? did you like them? did you hate them?

  3. sick_mick_101 says:

    Apparently I have perfect eye vision (got an eye exam) so I don’t need glasses or anything. I just want to order some cosmetic colored contacts off this website. Do I select 0.00? Stupid question, but since I don’t need corrected vision, I’m not 100% sure how it works.

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