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The moot point is are you satisfied with your sex life? Whether it is penetrative, oral or anal pleasures, are you finding series of orgasms through different forms of sex more satisfying than regular sex.You will find people aren’t having great sex or aren’t experiencing enough full-bodied pleasure in the act. We deserve to have regular orgasms. Although many of us are still learning, debating, and practicing (the best part), what’s essential is understanding that we are all capable of experiencing orgasm in a variety of different ways.

Orgasm is achieved through different acts; stimulation through touch or penetration or tongue jobs. For every woman, giving and receiving pleasure should be 50/50. Whatever 50/50 or 60/40 or even 80/20 looks good to you in any given sexual encounter or experience, that’s up to you and your partner to negotiate before, during, and after. 80/20 is dom/sub level while 50/50 is usually between couples and like-minded partners who are open to go any level to satisfy the partner. If the parameters are decided before sex, it helps women in achieving orgasms as they want.

Types of Orgasm

There are three basic types of orgasm for women. Most women can reach orgasm through stimulation of the clitoris with the fingers, oral sex or vibrator.

A vaginal orgasm involving the uterus and reproductive system can be achieved by stimulating the G-spot. The G-spot is a spongy mass of tissue that swells when stimulated. It’s still elusive to a lot of women, but it can be found a couple of inches inside the vagina on the front wall. G-spot stimulation can produce a more intense, deep orgasm.

Vaginal Orgasm

The vaginal orgasm is when penetration occurs such as the vagina is being stimulated with the penis. While clitoris orgasm can be achieved if rubbed gently with a hand, same with the g-spot but all can give pleasant orgasm.

Although, all orgasm is stimulated by a feeling of touch, the vaginal orgasm is concentrated more on the sensations that the vagina is sending whenever the penis enters. This means that whatever the vagina is feeling, then the entire part of the woman body can felt it as well.

So the question, “does the size of the penis have an effect on the vaginal orgasm” The answer here is yes, sometimes. Deeper penetration can hit spots that some small penis cannot provide. Also the fullness of the penis that comes inside the vagina is another factor. The bigger the penis the more stimulation it can give.

Moreover, some men would probably claim that this is not true. That size is not important but how you use the penis to create stimulation. But let us just face it and become more realistic as most women still prefer bigger and longer penis. But of course, this still depends on the woman because sometimes large and big penis can really hurt whenever they penetrate the vagina and when they are a bit rough. In this case the penis is useless to achieve vaginal orgasm easily.

All women must be at ease when they have sex and there must not be any pain at all, in order to attain an orgasm. What women need is sexual excitement to ensure that they experience vaginal orgasm.

Furthermore, the sex position of the couple is also crucial. Since some position are not good enough to merit even the slightest stimulation in the vagina. This is vital if you want to have a vaginal orgasm while having sex.

If the vagina is not wet, in means the woman is not really feeling anything at all to even climax. Although lubrication can help in vagina stimulation, what does it say to you as a man? Hence, make certain that you stimulate her in order for her to reach a vaginal orgasm in no time.

How to Make Vaginal Orgasm SATISFYING?

The sad fact is, that with all of the misleading information about vaginal orgasms, it’s not surprising that most guys are left in the dark about giving their women sexual pleasure. There’s nothing a woman wants more than a man who can give them good sex, especially when then can have vaginal orgasms. A man who can give a woman great sex, is a rare commodity who gives her access to pleasure that she can’t find elsewhere.

Many guys are flustered about penis size – when the real obstacle is her emotions. A woman’s emotions I’d say, is 90% more important than the size of your package.

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Any woman can reach orgasm through masturbation but a woman’s ability to have a vaginal orgasm is closely tied to her state of emotions. You don’t care if you have a foot long penis, if she is not emotionally aroused by you, she won’t have a vaginal orgasm with you.

Pay attention to these three things if you want to give her better orgasms:

Amp Up Her Attraction For Vaginal Orgasm

The first step. Don’t be one of those guys who’re focusing on penis enlargement or some other pointless insecurity. Instead, focus on her attraction level for you, because it is by far, the most important factor in getting her to have a vaginal orgasm; and even better, you have full control over her attraction for you. Even if she’s pretty attracted to you, the fact is that she could be 1000% more attracted to you than she is right now. All you have to do is get rid of some of your wussy behaviours, and adopt some more alpha behaviors — it’s as simple as that. Imagine the difference in the quality of sex if she was half interested in you, versus if she thought you were the hottest thing alive. She can never get the best man ever who understands what moves makes her happy. As she craves being with you more, a vaginal orgasm is the natural likely outcome.

Boost her attraction for you as much as possible. You strive to be the most attractive man she has ever met — and it’s easier than you think. Here are some basic tricks for this: Make sure that she puts in a lot of effort to be with you. People value what they work hard for, so do not let her off easily — after all, you’re a catch! Some men literally have women chasing them across the country, and they don’t have difficulty giving them vaginal orgasms. Another tip, be a leader in her eyes. Every woman dreams of being a princess, lead by their prince. As you confidently be the man, she will eagerly be the best woman she can be for you. Don’t be afraid to take charge, or talk dirty in bed, or to throw her over your shoulder and march into the bedroom to ravage her. This is sexual confidence, it is a very necessary ingredient in providing her with consistent vaginal orgasms.

Clear Emotional Baggage to Achieve Vaginal Orgasm

It is observed that the majority of women carry emotional baggage from other men, boyfriends, and their fathers that make it much harder for them to have an orgasm. To men or lesbian women – It’s not your fault, but if you want to give her those good vaginal orgasms, you have to help her come to terms with her past. There are few cases where women couldn’t come for over a decade, because they were laughed at when they ejaculated. After you amp up her attraction for you, help her get over her emotional trauma. Open discussions about her past helps. Usually open up about your insecurities, and when you do, she often feels comfortable enough to do the same. Never judge her, and always be supportive. If she can trust you, then she will be able to let go of the hurt, and allow herself extreme sexual pleasure.

Arouse Her Physically to Give Her Vaginal Orgasmic Pleasure

Vaginal orgasms are consistent and expected from men, because you condition your women to feel aroused at all times when they are around you. Do this – by starting foreplay, sometimes hours before the act of sex. You can always have a mild flirtatious vibe going on in the background of all your interactions. Tease her, then don’t give her too much attention, then be loving, then — rough.

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As an example, caress her softly, with intermittent soft kisses on her neck — then growl, and tell her all the bad things you want to do to her! Maybe you can massage her lightly, with a feather’s touch so that she becomes hypersensitive to your touch. After a while, she will become aroused, when she starts advancing for sex, tell her you’re not done, kissing/massaging/licking her, and make her wait ten more minutes before you give in.

Blended Orgasm

Blended orgasms are a combination of clitoral and G-spot stimulation. These can produce some of the most powerful orgasms, often accompanied by female ejaculation.

Clitoral Orgasm

Normally you would think this to be obvious, but you’d be surprised by the lack of attention paid to this area. What is a clitoral orgasm without the clitoris? Most importantly, note where the clitoris is actually located and how to stimulate it. Moving your tongue up and down is a great way to find it. Even better, just move your tongue in the little crevice of the clitoris ending to the hood and then back to crevice. Once you penetrate all the intricate folds of the clitoris you should find an area that is very pleasing for women.

Clitoral orgasms are so delicious to women that they crave them night and day. Men don’t realize this! Here’s keys to giving your woman ten different types of clitoral orgasms from the ancient Chinese love masters. Only recently were the secret techniques translated. Overcome the long-held problems of clitoral sensitivity and pain with these new techniques.

Most men and virtually all women know about the female clitoris. Once most women have a clitoral orgasm it is very sensitive and more touch can be painful. Traditionally, this has limited multiple orgasms a bit. Now, with these techniques that have been proven for over 5,000 years, men can give women orgasm after clitoral orgasm and avoid the problems.

Here’s a ten-step process that will ramp up her pleasure after each type. With the listed methods, she literally be thrashing around, rippling from head to toe, and screaming with all her might. Read this to have a definitive way to give women orgasms!

1. No-touch Clitoral Orgasm Method

There’s many reasons why this is one of the best female orgasms ever. First, it sets up the woman’s wild excitement and makes her ready for almost anything! Second, it gives her a wild, head to toe orgasm! Third, it gives her an orgasm without touch so literally you can go to her clitoris again without the usual sensitivity and pain. In fact, most women INSIST upon TOUCH! Fourth, you can do this anywhere. At home, in a car, even in a library!

The key to this orgasm is to evoke women’s amazing imagination toward what they want in an unfulfilled fantasy, sex game, or sexual technique. Then, once you know what really turns her on, you describe, step by step, how you’d do that to and for her. You need to make it very REAL and very NOW. Act and talk as if you’re actually doing that to her now.

Even if you don’t succeed the first time, if you have any skill at all in communicating with her, you will turn her on more ever before.

2. Breast-Clitoral Orgasm Method

Many women can have a clitoris orgasm just by sucking and licking their nipples. There’s a nerve from their nipples to their clitoris. So you can give them two consecutive clitoris orgasms without even touching their clitoris. They feel it internally. And it makes them so hot that they just HAVE TO HAVE your touch!

The key is to start slowly, tease around the clitoris, and then finally lick and suck it. Then gradually increase your speed and suction power. Don’t hurt her but get feedback. It should take about 5-10 minutes.

3. Clitoral Orgasm Method

Once she’s had one or two clitoris orgasms without touch, she’s absolutely going to be WILD for your touch. It shouldn’t be sensitive or painful, but it will be throbbing and waiting for you.

Touch it on the very tip with an upward stroke and retreat. Make her tilt her pelvis to your touch, whether by finger or tongue. Make her impale herself on you as you tease her and tease her. It should take about 5 minutes of teasing for her climax.

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Change positions of kissing, licking, circling her clitoris and let her respond on which pose she is enjoying the most.

4. Breast/Clitoral Orgasm Combo

Once you get each of these types you can simply combine them together. Suck her nipples hard again as you gently touch her clitoris. It is recommend that you start first with the breasts and let her clitoris have a little rest. Soon, she’ll draw your hand or head down there.

5. Clitoral/G-spot Orgasm Combo

Now, start working on her g-spot as you let the clitoris rest a bit. Slide one or two fingers inside her and use a “come hither” motion on her g-spot. It should take about 3-5 minutes of firm stroking and then gently touch the clitoris with either your finger or graze it with your teeth.

6. Deep Vaginal/Clitoral Orgasm Combo Technique

You can now drive inside her with your penis and reach the deep vaginal spot which is 8 inches inside at the top. Don’t worry if you’re not 8 inches long. You can reach it by her increasing vibrations, your hot ejaculation, or just her imagination. Stroke upward to hit the clitoris as you slide your penis out. Use this combination and she will go nuts.

7. Breast/Clitoral/G-spot Triple Combo Method

Now, apply the breast, clitoris, and g-spot at the same time. Use the same techniques and hit the clitoris last. You can “milk her breasts” with your hands as you rub her clitoris and g-spot with your fingers and thumb or mouth and teeth.

8. Clitoris/G-spot/Deep Vaginal Triple Orgasm Combination

Now, get in a chair and have her straddle you (when she stops shaking so much) and she can now rock backwards and forwards and hit all three spots at the same time with the same techniques as described above.

9. Breast/Clitoris/Deep Vaginal Triple Combo Method

With the same straddling position, start sucking her breasts as you thrust deeply inside her. Get feedback from her on how each spot is being hit.

10. Breast/Clitoris/G-spot/Deep Vaginal Quadruple Orgasm Method

Now for the finale! From the straddling position, now hit all three inside spots as you again suck her breasts. Try to time your deep sucking action with every deep thrust. She will certainly explode like never before.


It’s no secret that some of the most powerful orgasms come through a woman’s G Spot.Many women say that the longest-lasting, most intense and powerful orgasms of their lives were had through G spot stimulation.However, many men and women are completely clueless about how they can duplicate this feat for several reasons. Sometimes they don’t know how to find the G spot (believe me, this is VERY common) and even if they’re one of the rare few that can find it, most people don’t know how it can be used for maximum pleasure. Fear not – in this entire article, it is shown how you can give your girl the most incredibly powerful, multi-orgasmic, mind-blowing G spot orgasms she’s ever experienced.

Getting the G Spot Out of Hiding

There’s a good reason why many folks find it so difficult to find a woman’s G Spot – it’s a shy little fella.

In fact, the G Spot only appears when the female is in a state of heightened arousal. As in she moans loudly or bites or stuck nails or hold you tightly or abuse you or yell dirty words – expression varies in women, depending on their mood. It is seen in the state of heightened arousal.

Putting a woman in this kind of state is simple enough for any man who has mastered the basics of building sexual tension, good foreplay, and knows how the female mind and body work.

If you don’t know all this stuff, then it is highly recommended you learn it. Obviously there isn’t enough room in this sexual health article to go into this particular subject, so for now, it is assumed you know all this stuff or you read here – some of the techniques to arouse women.

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How to Find the G Spot

Now you’ve drawn it out of “hiding”, your next task is to find the G Spot.

Many people think that finding the G Spot is very difficult and hit-or-miss. Those people are wrong. Here’s a technique you can use to effortlessly find her G Spot every time:

Insert your finger(s) into her vagina. One is usually enough, as initially at least you want to be able to maneuver in there fairly easily. Once your finger is inserted fairly deep, although not too deep (we don’t want to cause discomfort), turn your wrist so that your palm is facing towards the ceiling. Now crook your finger as though you were using a “come here” motion. You should feel an area of tissue that is slightly rougher and “spongier” than the rest of the vagina.

This is her G Spot.

How to Give Her G Spot Orgasm

After you locate her G spot, use your index and middle finger to make come-hither motion against the hot spot. Start off by slow rhythmic pressure. Then, experiment with various speed and intensity. You know you’ve hit the right button when you see one or more of the following signs on her: rapid breathing, moaning, blushing, and the fluids become increasing watery. If you are not sure, ask her what’s her preference, and if you are doing the right things.

Before locating G spot remember to stimulate her with lots of licking, kissing all over vagina, clitoris and lips.

How to Give Woman G Spot Orgasm

Once she gets excited, pull out your finger and have her to wait a little. It’s a way to “tease” her and build up the sensation. When you stimulate her again, you will be amazed how fast she reaches big “O! Next, go inside her body in rear entry or cowgirl position. These positions allow your penis to hit her G spot frequently. Keep thrusting shallow to ensure your member hits the G spot.

Most women report that men who consistently give multi-type orgasms always do five things. The details about these thigh-quivering techniques are:

Pre-requisites of G spot Orgasm

If you not following pre-requisites, you cannot give her G spot orgasmic pleasures that she naturally deserves.


Giving the woman affection. If men only touch the woman for sex then the woman feels like a sex toy or object. The man must be aware of his touching and should make sure it doesn’t always end up with sex. if it does, then the woman will put 2 plus 2 together and realize that he only gives her “affection” to get sex. Now, that isn’t really affection.

Get in Her Head

The woman is going to pursue the man if he gets to her heart and head. You’ve heard before that if you want to get to a woman’s body then you must get to her head. No truer words were ever spoken. What does this have to do with giving women multi-type orgasms? Everything!

In a confession survey, a woman that was a secret agent of a country confessed that she had sex with over 1,000 men. She told that the best lover she ever had got into her head first. Then her body had to follow.

Clit Stimulation

Learn how to stimulate the clitoris. Most men crudely and roughly stimulate the woman’s clitoris. First of all, the clit is very sensitive and tender. Men would do much better in working the clit if they would learn the word TEASE. Tease the clit and then withdraw. Make the clit come to you. If you do, the clit will come.

You want to tease the woman enough so that she will impale herself on your fingers, penis, or tongue. In one of the sex therapies, a lady confessed that she was lying on the bed and arching her pelvis over a foot to reach the guy’s tongue. He teased her that much.

Finger Stimulation

Learn how to stimulate the g-spot. Now the g-spot is totally different. It is located at the 12 o’clock location, inside the woman, past her pubic bone, about two inches. It should feel like a spongy bean and might have ridges when stimulated.

How to Give Woman Fingering Orgasm

Use firm pressure and use a “come hither” motion with your two fingers. Trust me, the woman will love that. Also, once the woman gets sopping wet you can wriggle your fingers around in here in a circular motion at the wrist. Try both motions at the same time and she will feel like an electric current was attached to her G-toy!

Practice is Important, It Takes Time

People sometimes say that you could leave two virgins in a bed and eventually they’d figure it all out. WRONG! That is unless they have a thousand years to do it.

What the man must do is use a light and intermittent touch with his thumb on her clitoris while using a firm, consistent touch on her G-spot with his middle and index fingers. Talk about coordination!

Practice until perfect. It will be worth your time to give her both orgasms at the same time and probably give her great female ejaculations. The more great combinations the man knows, the more success he will get in giving her great orgasms!

Safety Tips in G Spot Orgasm

G Spot Fingers

As you will be using your fingers a lot, please trim your fingernails prior to sex. You don’t want to cause discomfort on her private and tender zone unless you don’t intend to satisfy her! If you have to keep your fingernails for whatever reason, wear laxative gloves.


Make it wet. Loads of licking, rolling, cricling tongue helps a lot.

Increase Size!

To reduce pain, go deeper and to maximize G spot orgasm, you should increase size of penis girth. With a fat member, it will exponentially rev up the pleasure and sensation during sex.

Multiple OrgasmS

Multiple orgasms are a series of orgasms that happen over a short period of time and they can happen with any type of orgasm. After the first climax a woman can have sequential multiples where she stops for a brief period and then stimulation is continued, or she could have serial multiples, where there is no interruption in arousal.

A simultaneous orgasm is when a couple orgasm at the same time. This can be a wonderful experience, though probably not something you should aim to do every time you make love, half the fun of orgasm is watching your partner have one.

The brain is the biggest sex organ, and because of this, some people are able to reach climax without genital stimulation. Spontaneous orgasm or extragenital orgasm is when a woman has erotic thoughts and fantasies until she reaches orgasm.

Nocturnal Orgasms

Nocturnal orgasms or wet dreams are another type induced by the brain while sleeping.

Nocturnal orgasms is often experienced by men.

In the male, a Nocturnal Emission is a process that occurs during sleep, when a man creates an erection and carries it out to a full-blown orgasm with ejaculation. They are fairly common among adolescent men. What are they and why does this occur?

There are two different factors that can cause a male erection and lead to orgasm. The first is Psychogenic (mind-based) and the second is Exogenously Somatogenic (physical contact through external stimulation) in its propagation.

Nocturnal emissions come from the Psychogenic aspect of the neurological system. Which means that they originate in the brain. When a nocturnal emission happens, there is no physical stimulus to the penis; yet an orgasm can be achieved.

Delaying sex or avoiding masturbation lead to development of aged sperm bank. While some scientists believe that some aged sperm will be absorbed by the body, the bottom line is that a man either has to have sex, masturbate, or have nocturnal emissions to ensure that the supply of sperm in the body is fresh and potent. One of the main body’s functions is to ensure reproductive abilities. If sex or masturbation does not happen, then the third method is through Nocturnal Emission.

For a woman to experience wet dreams or Nocturnal Orgasms, she has to avoid sex and masturbation for a longer period. She has to consume erotic materials – porn or adult novels. Before sleeping, she has to rub her clitoris or finger her vagina to the point of no-orgasm and sleep tight. However regular Nocturnal Orgasms is considered as a disease and best option is to not make it a habit so as to change brain system to regular wet dreams.

Extended or Expanded Orgasms

Expanded Orgasm is the art of expanding both sensual awareness and consciousness through giving and receiving genital stimulation. Expanded Orgasm uses one’s own pathways of body, mind, emotion and spirit to create maximum expansion opportunities – the goal and focus being simply to feel as much pleasure potential as possible. An extended orgasm is a single orgasm that maintains the pleasurable sensations of climax over a period of time. The length of the orgasm can be built up over time and can last 30 minutes, an hour or more.

Expanded orgasm is a path of expanding both sensual awareness and consciousness while receiving genital stimulation. It is felt in the body, mind, emotions, and spirit, all at once. The goal (and focus) of receiving expanded orgasm is simply to feel as much of that pleasure as possible.

Expanded Orgasms in Women

The Expanded Orgasm technique includes education about men and women’s genitals. This is so important as few people have this knowledge. The intricacies of women’s genitals remain a mystery for many men and they are unable to fulfill their partners satisfactorily.

Women find the Expanded Orgasm experience extremely fulfilling, physically and emotionally. As their partners know how and where to touch, the pleasure is great. Most women talk about how beautiful they feel during and after the experience. Many women struggle to achieve orgasm, but this changes after learning and experiencing the technique.

Men’s Experience of Expanded Orgasms

For men this brings a totally new perspective to the sexual experience. Most men are goal-oriented in a sexual situation. The goal being an orgasm. As soon as we get into this mindset we lose out on the wonders of the journey, the excitement of getting there and all the delicious sensations along the way.

The possibilities of Expanded Orgasm for men include orgasm without ejaculation and even multiple orgasms. For thousands of years in the East there has been an awareness that orgasm and ejaculation are not the same thing. The experience of an orgasm on it’s own has many benefits. It is now a joke for men, the term should be ‘going’, not ‘coming’, because after the ejaculation most men are gone, ready for sleep.

An orgasm without the ejaculation allows the energy to be kept and circulated in the body. This alone gives a man a very different, often deeper and more intense physical experience. It also leads to a feeling of deep emotion. This is often accompanied by a release of stored and unexpressed feelings.

The practice of Expanded Orgasm on men has also been highly beneficial in helping men who suffer from premature ejaculation, and assists men to last much longer during lovemaking.

Expanded or Extended Orgasms are expression of immense pleasure and ultimate satisfaction in foreplay, penetrative or oral sex.

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