Itching in the vagina that are sometimes perceived certainly very disturbing and often cause discomfort and want to scratch it. But with the way in scratch instead it will make your vaginal irritation due to the female sex organs are very sensitive. For how to deal with allergies in your vagina we have the most appropriate solution, powerful and secure without causing side effects that are harmful to the body and also for your sex organs.

Causes of Vaginal Itch

Some of the causes of vaginal itching due to allergies can be identified from the following factors, among others:

  1. Psychological factors. Frustrated, husband hates sex and failure triggered the emergence of vaginal itching. Itching due to psychological factors like these are physically not found the cause so treatment needs with counseling. 
  2. The presence of local interference in the outer part of the vagina. Appears when an infection as a result of their wounds. Wounds that arise because the possibility of scratching suffering from vaginal discharge.
  3.  Pubic lice scabies. Itching can be caused by the scabies mite is transmitted through sexual contact of a partner suffering from scurvy. 
  4. Frequent use in very tight clothing or clothing made of nylon material that cause allergies. Itching can also be caused by an allergy to the dressing material. 
  5. There is a tumor growing in the area of ​​femininity also cause itching in the vagina. 
  6. Other causes, women in the long term malnutrition, anemia, tuberculosis, food allergies and medicines are also equally complained of itching in the vagina. 
  7. In older women, itching occurs because of changes in the outer layer of the pubic. 
  8. A history of diabetes or diabetes. Therefore, immediately do a blood sugar test to find out if the itching in the vagina caused by diabetes. 
  9. Infected Sexually Transmitted Diseases that cause itching Trichomoniasis is outstanding and remove odor in the vagina.

To relieve the itching that bothers need to know the cause. By eliminating the causes of itchy grievances will also be lost.

Also always keep the pubic diarrhea hygiene, use clean water when cleaning or use a sterile tissue, use underwear that is not tight and made of cotton. Avoid using soaps, sprays and fragrances vagina as well as the type of drugs that can irritate the surface of the genitals. Better to use a mild baby soap and not perfumed soap or detergent.

If the cause of the itching suffered was because the itchy allergy can be cured by using drug Antihistaminika. Contact your doctor for a prescription and proper dosage.

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