There is nothing more frustrating then wanting something so badly and it not happening when you want it to. For some, getting pregnant happens right away and for others it takes some time. There are two scenarios:

Unplanned pregnancy: Unfortunately, many women are already two weeks pregnant by the time a missed period confirms it. However, by making early preparations you can give both yourself and your baby the very best chances of a successful pregnancy and health.

Planned pregnancy: If you want to become pregnant, or have been trying for some time, here are some tips that can help you prepare your body, mind, and soul for the journey of bringing life into the world.

Your practitioner will review your personal and family medical history, your present health, and any medications or supplements you’re taking. Certain medications and supplements are unsafe during pregnancy including some spicy foods. Under consistent guidance of the qualified doctor you should get routine health checks done regularly.

How to prepare your body for pregnancy

Getting pregnant

Before getting pregnant, think about whether there are any hereditary medical or family conditions that need to be considered.


If you have been using any form of contraception you will obviously need to stop!

You are most likely to conceive if you have intercourse around 5 days before you ovulate. And many doctors advise having sex 2-3 times a week throughout your cycle to stand the best chance of conception.

Lifestyle changes

Both potential mums and dads should take extra care of their diet and lifestyle when they are considering having a baby.

If either or both of you smoke or drink, you should ideally cease altogether or at the very least cut down drastically.

Dietary changes

Improve your diet. It is important to build up a good store of vitamins and minerals before you get pregnant and during your pregnancy, both for the health and development of your baby and for breastfeeding.


Body weight

Even if you are not yet pregnant, you still risk high blood pressure and diabetes if you are overweight. Lose excess weight carefully by following a calorie-controlled diet and exercising regularly, not by taking appetite suppressants.


Stress can be detrimental to both mother and baby as it can cause high blood pressure and even spontaneous labour in some cases.


Although there is lots of conflicting advice about how much caffeine is safe, it is generally believed that moderate consumption is fine. You may want to cut down if you drink a lot of coffee or other caffeine- rich drinks, especially in the early weeks.

Folic Acid/ Folate

Women are often advised to take 400 micrograms of folic acid supplements from twelve weeks pre-pregnancy until twelve weeks into the pregnancy. Folic acid is also found in dark leafy green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli as well as oranges and enriched breakfast cereals and wholemeal bread.

Hazards at work

Unfortunately some working environments can lead to fertility problems or even pose a risk to the developing baby. Workplaces that may be a risk include those that work with some chemicals, X-rays, lead and anaesthetic gases.

Finally, if you think carefully about the new life you will be bringing into the world, and make the necessary changes to your lifestyle and diet, then at least you know you are giving your longed-for baby the very best chances of developing into a healthy human being.

And you can enjoy your pregnancy in the knowledge that you have done your very best.

Note: Abortion is crime against humanity and morality. Avoid it.

Are You Pregnant?

Follow these simple pregnancy tips on safety and nutrition to stay healthy throughout the nine months before you give birth to a healthy baby.

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