Lingerie adds to bedroom fun

What’s hot in Lingerie in next year

Many people think of lingerie as standard items that remain the same year after year. While lingerie is more intimate and private, like every other fashion item, it changes periodically as trends become more popular.

So what’s hot in lingerie for 2014 … boy shorts!. Yesterday’s thong is never going to disappear completely from lingerie and department store shelves. It is the hands down best way to eliminate visible panty lines when you wear tight pants or skirts, but thong sales are definitely on the decline. The sales of boy shorts however, are definitely on fire. If you don’t know what boy shorts are, think of tight short shorts or hot pants. While there are some boy shorts that are a little loose fitting generally speaking they are very figure hugging. This snug fit gives shape to your rear and enhances your figure, making you appear curvier and sexier. Some boy shorts will completely cover your rear, but usually they leave part of it exposed (think of them as ¾ length shorts). For those girls with perfect figures or who like things a little racier, there are styles that provide even less coverage, that resembles a wide band across the upper portion of your rear.

Surprise lingerie wear on not so special occassions add spice to married night-life

Now that we have the basic idea covered, lets talk about styles. Boy shorts come in wide range of styles, colors and fabrics. The most basic styles will come in cotton or polyester blends. If you are going to be wearing boy shorts all day, try choosing something made of microfiber, while slightly more expensive it’s more comfortable, durable and long lasting. For a more elegant look try boy shorts made of silk or satin. These styles often have a lace, decorative or scalloped edging. However the most popular boy shorts are made of lace. Lace boy shorts are definitely the most sexy and alluring choice available. For people who are a little modest, or who find lace slightly itchy, look for double layer lace boy shorts. They have a lace layer on the outside and a second layer of a different material on the inside against your skin.

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