How to Stop Menstrual Cycle Period

If you want to know how to stop your period, then you probably know that you are not alone. There are various reasons why women do not want to have their menstruation. However, you should understand that the majority of the methods and remedies that are available are only temporary and not permanent.

Women lose between two to four tablespoons of blood during a normal menstrual cycle. Some women are very conscious of the fact they are on their period, it becomes an inconvenience for others, while it can be a mentally and physically painful experience for other women. If you are a woman that feels seriously affected and wants change, then this article is for you. Here are 7 methods that will help you delay or stop your monthly period.

How to Control Menstrual Bleeding

7 ways to Stop Your Period

Get Your Doctor’s Help – Before you go out and try any methods to control your menstruation, it’s a good idea to have a talk with your Gynecologist. Your gynecologist might be able to recommend certain medications or devices that you can use to help. You can also find out if there are any side effects when using them.

Use Contraceptives – Birth control pills and other contraceptive devices can stop or minimize periods. Generally, it requires at least one cycle when using pills to see positive results. Once you stop taking the pill, your menstruation will usually return to normal fairly quickly.

Drink a Lot of Water – Water is known to help remove toxins from our bodies. Drinking lots of water also helps lessen the flow by flushing the blood from your menstruation out of your body.

Drink lots of water to Stop Menstrual Cycle Period

Have Endometrial Ablation – This is a medical procedure that lessens menstruations, and it stops them completely in some women. Older women usually respond better to treatment. Younger women might need to repeat the procedure to have the best results.

Take Ibuprofen – We all know that ibuprofen is used to stop pain and inflammation. It can help with menstrual cramps, but it can also lessen the regular flow by half. Check the recommended dosage and don’t take more than is suggested.

Try Apple Cider Vinegar – You probably didn’t know that something as natural as vinegar could have an effect on your menstrual flow. All you need to do is add a couple of teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink it. When you feel that it is that time of the month, drink three or four glasses each day to lessen the effects.

Eat a Lemon – Lie down as shown in image or sit straight. You can drink, chew, or suck on lemon juice to lighten or even stop your period. The only drawback is that some women experience painful periods the next month. The acidic content of lemons is thought to be responsible for the positive effects. For this reason, you might also try it with grapefruits and oranges if those flavors suits you better.

Lick or suck lemon to Stop Menstrual Cycle Period

So now you know ways to stop your period, or at least lessen the effects. Always remember to eat well, because lots of fruits and vegetables can also have a positive effect – they may help your menstrual cycle come faster than usual and be shorter and less painful – read . These suggestions might not work for every woman, but you need to experiment with them and find what works best for you. Here’s to your good health.

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