How to Control Your Husband by seducing him

Over the past decades, we all have seen women increasingly concerned about power and control in marital relationships. It’s an issue that deserves the attention it’s been given and women usually have good reason to be alarmed at the controlling behavior of their husbands. It not only deprives them of their personal right to freedom of choice, but it also ruins their marriages.

The attempt of one spouse to control another is a short-sighted solution to marital conflict that backfires every time. However, there are still times, when women need to make her wishes true or say something which she finds difficult in discussing with a husband who is hard to convince for. In such situations, methods of driving a man crazy for you is the only solution.

For example: Some people are more attentive first thing in the morning, whereas others do better in the evening. When you want to speak to your husband about important matters are you picking the wrong time? Obviously everyone has work and a scheduled day so you most likely can’t indiscriminately choose the exact time, however you can find the best time to talk to him.

Or in some cases, you both may be talking over each other and not realize that no one is being heard. Become a good listener to be a good speaker. If he likes to make his point, but you are talking over him, he may think that since you don’t listen to him, why should he listen to you?

Let us list down few things that can help you in making yourself heard by your husband. And yes it starts from cooking to driving him crazy on bed. It might sound naughty but most of the times, women are able to convince husband in doing things when they are in controlling position, yes you guessed it right, during sex!

Lesson learnt from history and past, this method of a fairer sex is a winning tool since ages.

Ways to drive your man to a position you can control him

It’s unbelievable the amount of bad advice there is out there on how to seduce a man or if they give you advice they forget to tell you how to use it properly. So here are a couple of tips on what to do and what not to do to drive a man wild and an instruction manual.

You start by cooking his favorite dishes and serving him when he is least expecting it. However, it is easier to learn cooking tricks but some of the skills listed below would require you to develop them gradually otherwise he might get suspicious. Be slow and patience, you will see results pretty soon!

Be sexy

1) Dress in a way that makes you feel sexy and also flatters your figure. Let’s face it some of us look ridiculous in stilettos. Red is almost always a good color. Try a red slinky dress and comfortable undergarments. Those torture devices they sell to suck in our guts look great under the dress but are not sexy at all when you are trying to yank them off for a wild night of pleasure.

Ways to drive your man to a position you can control him


2) Pay attention to what he has to say for a change. Yes you can talk about yourself but a man finds it really refreshing when a woman allows him to have his own time in the spotlight.

No past

3) Don’t talk about your ex. If he asks, keep it short and sweet. You are starting fresh with this guy. No need to bring in the ghost of past relationships. You are perfect to him in the beginning. There is no reason to make him wonder if the last guy who dumped you was right.


4) Wear a light attractive scent. This means layering scents. Bathe in scented bath oils first. Then apply a light powder in the same scent. Finally spray the same scented perfume in front of you and walk into the mist. Do these about 45 minutes before you see him. If you overpower him with your scent, instead of wanting to edge a bit closer he will be running for the nearest exit.

Set up

5) If you bring him back to your place but make sure it is dimly lit. Soft lighting minimizes lines and wrinkles and gives your skin a bit of a glow. Keep candles handy or lamps that have adjustable lighting. In soft lighting you can be his dream woman and you can feel a thousand times better about undressing in front of him.

Be an actor

6) Do a strip tease for him. Now I am not talking about a ten dollar hooker strip tease. I mean a slow undressing. Have him lie on the bed to watch, as you slowly slip out of your dress, then your undies and finally your stockings and shoes. Make him wait a bit.

Drive your man crazy - How to Control Your Husband

Dwell his masculinity

7) Explore his body in detail. Consider it a five course meal. Drive him absolutely wild by discovering all the hidden spots he didn’t even know existed. Most women just lie there and let the guy do all the work. Kiss, lick wherever it is possible and you are comfortable with. Participate and you have just blown past most of features of other women (if he has had sex with).

lick your husband everywhere make him crazy

Just following these 7 steps ensure that 90 percent of the times you will be successful in fulfilling your demands from your husband.

Most important note: Do not drive him to extreme point where it is not possible for him to fulfill your wishes. Affordability is the key here. Understand your husband and love him for what he is. And if he is careless, drunkard then he is not worth your love, no point in making love to him. He does not deserve you.

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