vital pregnancy tips for women with High Cholesterol

Pregnancy is a happy state in a woman’s life. The feeling of giving birth to a new life is overwhelming. However, health problems related to the stage tends to make one suffer through the nine crucial months.

One of the major health problems that arise during pregnancy is high levels of cholesterols in the body. This is a hard to deal with health problem. Unfortunately, there is no medication available at present for handling or curing high levels of cholesterol among women.

The only solution here is diet and exercise. You need to speak to the doctor regarding the type of diet and exercise regime you need to follow to maintain healthy cholesterol levels in the body throughout pregnancy.

pregnancy tips for women with High Cholesterol

It is true that pregnancy requires lots of calories and restriction on certain foods but this must be followed under the guidance of a professional nutritionist. Most nutritionists recommend pregnant women to add good amounts of fibers in their diet. Regardless of whether it is soluble or insoluble fiber, pregnant ladies must include a lot of fibers in their diet. This means they need to focus on good amounts of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains in daily diet. Oatmeal is the best source of fibre. It comes with huge number of health benefits.

Decreasing fats affects pregnancy. Nutritionists usually recommend women to consume a certain amount of fats on a daily basis to maintain neurological health of foetus. Besides, they also recommend you to have healthy fats including monounsaturated ones which are present in olive oil or avocadoes.

When it comes to exercise, you must have a healthy discussion with your doctor. In case, you have been an exerciser before getting pregnant, things will be easier for you. You can easily continue doing that in most of the time at your pregnancy.

Doctors advice pregnant women against practicing intense aerobics classes that may put pressure on heart. So it is better to look for machines at gym that don’t affect your heart rate much. A cycling machine is the best example for this. Those machines allow your heart rate to increase at all acceptable levels sans increasing the tension on back or joints.

It is important to drink a lot of water post exercise and all through the day. Also avoid sugary drinks or caffeine drinks. This will help you reduce the levels of triglyceride during the time of pregnancy.

Since most doctors don’t pay much attention on the levels of cholesterol in pregnant women, it is quite difficult to diagnose the problem.

Make sure you don’t make a lot of changes in diet and exercise during pregnancy unless your doctor recommends it to you. You can consume fewer calories wisely under the guidance of professional for best results. Remember intense exercises at home will put you and the baby in danger.

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