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Pubic hair (hair around the penis, vulva, or anus) is a totally normal part of becoming an adult. However, some people (and it’s not just the ladies) would rather not have it, so they choose to shorten it or remove it all together (but if you aren’t one of them, don’t worry! Pubic hair is totally normal). The most common way of removing pubic hair is by shaving.

Although shaving is meant to leave the area smooth and hairless, it can instead leave the area irritated! Razor burn and ingrown hairs are common concerns for those just starting to shave their pubic area so New Gen has come up with a few tips to help ya out.

Pubic Hair Cleaning

1. If you have long hairs (usually those who have never shaved or haven’t shaved in a long time), trim the hairs with clippers or scissors first. Electric clippers are best for this purpose.

Using razor to clean pubic hairs

Pubic Hair Trimming

2. The softer the hairs, the easier it will be for you to shave. Try taking a long, warm bath before shaving, or choose to shave at the end of your shower.

3. Apply shaving gel a few minutes before shaving to soften hairs. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to try a hypoallergenic or fragrance-free brand.

4. Use a sharp and or new razor. The sharper the razor blade, the better it will work and less irritation it will cause to your skin.

Shaving direction of pubic hairs and cleaning tips

New razor

5. When shaving, don’t move the razor over the same area more than twice. This will help reduce skin irritation.
• On the first stroke, go with the direction of hair growth to remove most of the hair.
• On the second stroke, go against the direction of hair growth for a smooth, close shave. If going against the direction of the hair growth tends to irritate you (and for many it does, especially when they are new to shaving), then skip that and do both strokes going the same direction of hair growth.

how to clean types of pubic hairs for female

Pubic hair shaving directions

6. Clean the area after shaving with mild soap and water to reduce the risk of infection. Continue to practice clean hygiene, washing the area at least once a day to reduce sweat and oil build-up.

7. Go as long as possible between shavings to reduce skin irritation.

types of pubic hairs and cleaning tips

Few extra pubic hair removing tips

1. The skin around your genitals is extra sensitive. Some people can be allergic to some types of shave gel. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to try a hypoallergenic or fragrance-free brand of shave gel.

growth of pubic hair in women

2. To reduce the risk of ingrown hairs and razor bumps after shaving, use an exfoliating brush or loofah sponge when washing the area daily.

how to clean pubic hairs for female

3. When the hair starts growing back, it can be uncomfortable and itchy. Chaffing is nearly unavoidable, but exfoliating the area regularly can help. Exfoliating means removing the outer most layer of dead skin cells. This can be done with a loofah or wash cloth.

Trimming shapes of pussy hairs

4. If you have tried shaving and you don’t like it for whatever reason but still want a sleeker look, consider closely trimming your hair instead of shaving. It provides many of the benefits of shaving without all the risks!

Pubic Hair Removal Guides

Pubic hair is a bit irritating to some people, for others trimming works. Some partners prefer clean shaven penis or vanginal areas. In every case, it is important to remove pubic hair for hygiene and infection free skin. If you use chemical cream to remove pubic hair, you may have allergies and irritation. The use of home remedies given in the guides below are some of the good options to avoid this pubic hair issues it is completely safe and easy to use.

Here, you know how to remove pubic hair at home with easy tips and remedies without pain. With the help of these home remedies, it will be no risk of harm, when shaving this soft and sensitive pubic area.

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