After many years of marriage I am finally learning to give my wife gifts that she actually enjoys. It took me a while to learn that women don’t always like the same things that men do. My wife was very gracious in our early years of dating and marriage each time she would upwrap a new tool or a book about the newest fishing techniques. As I have taken time to learn my wife and her needs better I have come up with what I think is one of the best gifts for most women: bath accessories.

It took me years of knowing that my wife enjoyed a nightly bubble bath more almost any other activity to connect her love for a great bath with the gifts I chose for her birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s day. I began to think about gifts I could give her that would make her special baths even more enjoyable, and that began a long record of purchasing unique bath accessories for her for most special occasions.

I had no idea when I began giving my wife bath accessories the amount or variety of items that existed. I simply planned on buying her a jar of bubble bath because I assumed that was all she needed or would want. My first trip into a store that was specifically for bath accessories blew my mind. I’ll admit that I was a bit intimidated and overwhelmed as I entered the store. My eyes didn’t know where to look and my nose took a few minutes to adjust to the plethora of aromas.

For anyone looking for the perfect gift to give a bath-loving- woman, look no further than to a bath accessories store. There are a lot of gift options if you do not know what to choose. As I said, I began with buying my wife a simple bottle of bath bubbles, but on my second or third trip back to the bath accessories store I got creative. I began purchasing small scented candles and candleholders that now adorn the sides of our tube. I got her two CD’s of soothing instrumental music to enjoy while she relaxes in the bath. I even bought her a bath pillow that allows her to rest her head and neck without pain or awkwardness.

I’ll admit, once I began buying my wife bath accessories and seeing how much she loved them I went a little over the top. But I have no regrets because I have learned how to love her better by giving her gifts she really loves. I’m telling you, men, bath accessories are the way to a woman’s heart.

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