Tips for women with Diarrhoea during Pregnancy

Diarrhoea during pregnancy can lead to a lot of health complications including loss of water, essential nutrients, weight etc. It can also harm the baby. Hence, it is important to treat the problem as soon as possible.

Fight with Diarrhoea during Pregnancy

Here is how to deal with diarrhoea while you are pregnant to keep complications away:

No Spicy Treats

Certain food choices will lead to diarrhoea in pregnant woman. The major problem comes from spicy and extra tangy foods. Having sour foods in excess is also not good for health during pregnancy. So, stay away from foods and beverages that are spicy, tangy or have high fat content.

Lack of Nutrition

It is important to emphasise of proper nutrition during pregnancy. Have a cereal daily. Also include potatoes, fruits, green veggies, and yogurt in your diet.

Vitamins and Minerals

Reducing chances of diarrhoea is possible if you focus on consuming essential vitamins and minerals. Studies and research have shown that zinc is extremely effective in reducing diarrhoea.

Tips for women with Diarrhoea during Pregnancy 1


Dealing with diarrhoea is easy if you continue drinking water. If you are not a fan of pure water, try flavouring it with lemon, mint, cucumber etc. This will enhance the taste and help you drink a lot of water.

No Sugary Treats

It is good to stay away from fruit juices and sugary sodas as far as possible. These tend to dehydrate the body causing diarrhoea and other digestive problems. Have fresh fruits instead.


You must take plenty of rest. The body works overtime and you need to let your hair down. So make sure you rest during the day and get 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night.

Seek Medical Help

Strictly avoid self medicating in case of diarrhoea or any other health problem during pregnancy. Seek professional help. Talk to doctor about your diarrhoea at the earliest. This will help you get the best solution.

Keep Track of Symptoms

In order to handle diarrhoea during pregnancy, you must keep tabs on symptoms. You must notice changes in the body such as an unusual cramp, loose stools, fatigue, etc. Speak to a doctor at the earliest signs of symptoms.

Dehydration during pregnancy is dangerous. It can lead to increased risk of premature birth. So make sure you drink water as much as you can.

In the event, your diarrhoea takes a dangerous shape such as blood, mucus, or stools accompanied with intense pain, see your doctor immediately.

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