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Have you been dating for a long time but felt that something is still lacking somewhere? Not understanding your partner well enough? The chances are, both of you are likely still stuck at the very initial stage of a relationship. Well give it a thought. Recall the conversations between both of you in your recent dates or so. What was it that both of you discussed about? The plot of a movie? What happened during work? The recent fashion sales? Your neighbor’s new born puppies? Gossiping about your friends? Last evening soccer match?

Notice something about the examples I gave? These are all the usual casual topics that you would have also discussed with your friends. Discussions that do not have direct impact on your personal life.
In a relationship, it’s not about how well or how long you knew each other but rather how well you understand each other? Understanding your love, someone whom you are going to share the rest of your life with.

Well, if in the first place you don’t even have a clue on your partner’s personal life, how will you able to understand each other well? It is through the willingness to share, sharing of your personal life with each other that builds the trust and bond between both of you, strengthening the relationship.
Wouldn’t you love to know more about your partner? Something more personal about him or her? I am sure you do. You can start off by sharing yours, perhaps sharing the problem that you are facing, seeking for your partner’s advice.

Think about it, wouldn’t you be happy to know that your partner is willing to share his or her personal problem, having that trust in you? I am sure you will be more than willing to give your support, helping your partner in anyway, to make him or her happy, wouldn’t you?

Be it happiness or unhappiness; be willing to share it with one another. Believe me, you will learn to cherish and appreciate the company of one another

10 things a woman should not say to him

Ladies, if you want to have a successful dating life, certain phrases should never come out of your glossy lips. Here are the cultivating tips:

See you?

1. When will I see you again? You’ll see him when you see him. If he wants to see you again, he’ll call. If not, next. You don’t have time for anyone then he doesn’t have time for you.

Call me?

2. Why didn’t you call? There’s only one answer to this question: Because he didn’t want to!!! What you’re really asking is, “Why didn’t you want to call me?” Who knows!! There could be a lot of reasons, but you shouldn’t be sitting around wondering why. You should be out dating lots of different guys and not worrying about ONE guy. Don’t be so quick to put all your eggs into one basket, because if they break, it’s a big mess!

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Location tracking?

3. Where were you? If he wanted you to know where he was, he’d tell you. What you’re really asking is, “Where you with another female that you like better than me?” Your insecurity is showing, my dear. If anything, he should be wondering where you were.

Desperate act!

4. I love you (first) You’re saying it in the hopes that he’ll say it back, but what if he doesn’t? You’ll be devastated and probably feel foolish. Saying “I love you” is not going to speed things up if he’s not ready to say it back. So just cool it, and let him be the first to say it when he’s ready.

Seeing your ex?

5. Did you sleep with her? As long as he’s not sleeping with her now, who cares? The past is gone. Don’t torture yourself (and him) with these thoughts. In this case, ignorance really is bliss.

You became father

6. I’m pregnant. In modern times, with all the birth control choices available, there is no excuse for becoming pregnant, unless you want to be. You should be using something and he should use a condom, every time.

Bleak future?

7. Where is this going? Nowhere fast if that’s your attitude. Guys want someone fun and easy to be with, not someone that’s constantly worrying about the future. His actions or non-actions will tell you where it’s going. If it’s going somewhere, you’ll know it. If it’s not, you’ll know it too.

I m unhappy

8. We need to talk. This is the equivalent of, “Go to the principal’s office”. Guys know it’s not going to be a fun conversation, so they’re already on the defense. If you need to discuss something, just casually bring it up when the both of you are relaxed. Don’t try to talk to him when he’s tired, stressed or trying to watch TV!

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Don’t like this

9. I hate you! Even if you do, it’s totally uncalled for and un-lady like. If there’s an issue, be mature enough to discuss it when you’re calm. If he’s breaking up with you, reacting with anger may make you feel better temporarily, but it’s best to remain calm and act unfazed. He’ll wonder why you’re so cool about it and that may make him re-think his decision. Always be pleasant during a break up. Do you want to be known as the girl that goes psycho if someone breaks up with her?? I didn’t think so.

You are cheating…

10. I don’t trust you. What you’re actually saying is, “You need to step up your game, because I can see you’re up to something.” If he is up to something, he’ll just become even sneakier. Better to think smart and act dumb – it’ll be easier to get the evidence you need to confirm your suspicions.

Keep relationship fresh and alive

You will agree with me that when you are dating and it turns into a relationship; everything is loveable and heartening – it’s all sparkling and alive. But as time goes on, though the love might still be there, the relationship may begin to lose its sparkle.

Let us brush through some ideas you might consider using to rekindle the hidden fire.


1. Accept your partner’s fault. Then, admit your own. Make an effort not to keep repeating them.


2. Make promises and KEEP THEM. Slip a note into their wallet or purse that says what is being served for dinner tonight and promise the dessert is worth waiting for!

Sharing to care

3. Find a shared interest. Explore new hobbies, sports or other interests that you both like and can participate in together.

Advance booking

4. Make time just for you. And don’t break the date. Book babysitters ahead or clear your work calendar so there is no one on it but the other person.

Talk…talk and only talk

5.Communicate (the most important of all) If you find it difficult to say things, try surprising your better half with notes in their lunch, on their pillow, in the car etc. Often the written words open other doors. We will discuss more about why consistency in communication is important.


6. Do something unexpected. Send your partner flowers at work. That applies to men too. Or take them out for dinner on a weeknight.

There you have it. These are just few ideas to keep the fire burning in your relationship. Do try to apply them.

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Do communicate

Ever trusted someone? Ever being trusted before?

Been trusted back by someone we trust, comes with a very good feeling. When you truly trust someone, you are opening your heart to that one.

You are dating a man. You feel like extending the dating to a relationship. At this time, you are very vulnerable for any kind of emotional attack. This is why communication is very important in every relationship. To an extent, it is more important than sex in a relationship. Sex is fodder to fulfill sexual urges while communication is foundation of any relationship.

With communication, locked doors get open. Communication can only occur between two willing and open minds. This is why it’s quite difficult. It becomes very difficult when one mind is closed; with open minds, you can get past many problems that will arise in a relationship. Bear in mind that a little bit of controversy is quite necessary in a relationship. Therefore, one should be glad that there’s quarrel in a relationship.

It helps us in knowing another part of our partner and also ourselves..When we open our minds to another, only then will we offer this part of us. But when we are forced into silence, we create a gap/we begin to build walls. If within time we still do not voice our disappointments, the walls/gap becomes wider.

Communication can only work when selfishness is non-existent. If your partner misunderstands you and you are aware of this, it is your responsibility to make him understand. Be aware that you can only do this with care and in a loving manner. Get him to open that door. It is much better when you don’t give room to communication gap i.e. do not let things get out of hand before taking action (with love of course).

If you find it difficult expressing your feelings/disappointments face to face, then try writing it down. Yes, there’s power in writing. When you write your thoughts down, you do so without fear and interruption. On the other hand, if you have made the mistake of not taking action when you were meant to and a gap seems to have developed, do not give up, do not run away because you could be running from a partner that could very well be the best thing that ever happened to you. To stay and fight and trust that your partner will understand your troubles is a sign of courage and one that will be greatly respected.

A good, strong relationship will endure most any mistake made by any humans long as both partners are willing and honest with each other. Thus a dating that imbibes cultivating tips and grew into a relationship strengthens more with time.

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