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Women in Asia have been reaping the rich benefits of natural medicine for thousands of years but now in the age of internet and globalization people in the west have also been gaining interest in the use of herbs for improving their health. In this article we are going to find out the herbs that Asian women have been using for effectively tightening their vagina and improve their overall reproductive health.

How to Tighten Your Vagina?

Popular Herbs to Firm Vagina

Curcuma comosa, pueraria mirifica, aloe and witch hazel are some of the most common herbs used by Asian women to tighten their vagina. These herbs usually work by tightening and firming muscles as they help increase blood flow to the affected area. Witch hazel has also been found to be very effective in shrinking hemorrhoids.

Products That Are Popular and Effective

There are many herbal vaginal tightening products being sold in the market but there are only a few of them which are effective like virgin cream or instant virgin spray. The effectiveness and popularity of these two is largely due to the quality of herbal ingredients used, as it is believed that good quality herbs show quick results.

Other Benefits Of These Herbs

Herbs used in vagina tightening creams are also effective in treating other problems like low libido, vaginal odor and help improve overall sexual health. One thing to keep in mind is that you should avoid applying these creams if you have any vaginal infection or if you are pregnant but it is completely safe for breast feeding mothers.

A vagina loses its tightness when you are sexually active or deep multifingering or wild insertions of sex toys.

It keeps on getting loose and in that scenario, it can affect the relationships between couples.

A tight vagina is very important for a woman because it is helpful both, sexually and otherwise. To dispose of tissue, you can use few remedies to tighten your vagina muscles quickly.

how to tighten vagina make firm

These home remedies are safe to use and can dispose of different problems identified with genital area, which is a vaginal odor, an excess of white vaginal discharge.

Here are simple tips you can try at your home.

What are Herbal Remedies to Tighten and Firm Vagina?

how to tighten vagina firming vulva

1. Gooseberries

Boil some gooseberries in water and store the resultant in the bottle. When you take a bath every day, apply this solution over the vagina. This will rapidly restore the elasticity of your vagina in no time.

2.  Oak Gall

Oak Apple or Oak Gall is the round, large apple like Gall commonly found many species of oak. It is a Thai herb that contains a lubricating and a powerful soothing compound. It is quite helpful in tightening the vaginal walls.

3.  Curcuma Comosa

Comosa strengthens the walls of your uterus. This herb strengthens the vaginal wall and the pelvic tissues within a month.

4.  Pueraria Mirifica

This is also used for breast enlargement. According to some experts, utilizing this natural home remedy to tighten your vagina is very helpful, it gives vagina a firmer pull.

vagina tightening home remedies easy methods

5.  Witch Hazel

To make your vagina tight, you should grind the powder of this herb and wash your private part with it at least once a week.

6.  Black Cohosh

This is the most used herb when it comes to tightening vagina after an age of 50.

7.  Aloe Vera

It is useful in preventing vaginal dryness and irritation. It is also used to attain fast relief from the genital problems. Aloe Vera strengthens the muscles of the vagina. Apply gel while bathing an

Looking at the rich properties that these herbs possess it is no wonder why asian women have been known to be more fertile and sexually active as compared to women in the west and now it is time for women all over the world to reap the rich benefits of alternative system of medicine.

There is connection of strengthening your pelvic muscles and tightening vagina.

The pelvic floor muscles are important for holding onto your vagina tightness, wee and poo. They also hold up the bladder, womb and the bowel. These muscles are between your legs and around your vagina and bottom. They stretch from the pubic bone (at the front) to the coccyx pubic bone (tailbone at the back).

how to tighten vagina pelvic kergel exercise

If these muscles are weak, wee and poo can leak out.

How Pelvic Muscle Get Weaker?

1. being pregnant and having babies

2. constipation (hard poo) and pushing to empty your bowel and do a poo

3. being overweight

4. excessive anal sex

5. wild insertions in anus during unnatural fetish plays

6. lifting too many heavy things

7. coughing a lot (such as with asthma or a smoker’s cough)

8. getting older

Weak pelvic floor muscles can lead to a prolapse. This is when the womb, bladder or bowel sags down into your vagina. Vagina loosens up.

What things to eat or avoid to tighten Vagina

a. Eat healthy food.

b. Drink fluid every day. Fluid is everything you drink. Fluid includes milk, juice and  The best fluid to drink is water.

c. Exercise every day.

d. Get help if you are lifting heavy things.

e. Quit smoking

f. If you are coughing a lot, ask for help from your health worker, nurse or doctor.

g. Learn to do pelvic floor muscle exercises.

h. Squeeze up and hold your pelvic floor muscles before you sneeze, cough or lift.

How to do your pelvic floor muscle exercises to tighten Vagina

It’s important that you work the right muscles. If you are not sure  if you are exercising the right muscles, talk to your health worker, nurse, physiotherapist or doctor.

Try to do this exercise:

1. Tighten the muscles around your bottom and vagina and lift them up inside. This is like holding in wee or stopping a wee once it has started.

2. Try to do both of these front and back muscle pull-ups at the same time.

3. Hold on for 8 seconds or as long as you can.

4. Try to do these exercises at least 3 times every day.

5. You should feel: a lifting up from below; ma squeezing and lifting in the muscles around your vagina and bottom.

6. You should not feel: your buttocks squeezing together – you are holding your breath – your stomach muscles moving.

You can do these exercises any time of the day, such as when you are washing your hands, in the shower or when you are sitting and talking.

Foods for Vagina Tightening

vagina tightening foods

Vagina Tightening Yoga Poses

Malasana for Vagina Tightening, treating loose pussy

Regain your inner confidence and feel like yourself again with tight vagina. Practice Malasana 5 times daily.

Vagina tightening yoga positions

setu bandhasana for Vagina Tightening

Tighten your pelvic floor muscles with Setu Bandhasana. Practice daily stretching both hands. 5 times with right hand then 5 times with left hand. Remember to hold the contraction at vagina for 5 seconds, relax for another 5 seconds, then release contraction.

Vagina tightening yoga poses

If you are serious in tightening Vagina Make the exercises part of your daily life

You will need to work hard at these exercises.  It takes time to build your strength.

Good times to do them are while you are washing your hands, watching TV or sitting down and talking with other people.

Get into the habit of doing these exercises.

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