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Very few lucky humans are known for their flawless skin including their underarms. That’s because as a scientific fact, they genetically do not have the glands that produce sweat in the underarms. No underarm sweat = no underarm odor, and no underarm odor = no need for antiperspirants, and no antiperspirants = no dark underarms! Although underarm hair shaving and hair removal creams cause underarm discoloration too. But wouldn’t anyone be jelly of this kind of genetic asset? I am. Since it’s unfortunate that not all of us have this genetic asset like some humans do, underarm care is more important to the rest of us. YES, I talk about how I take care of my underarms – how to manage sweat, prevent odor, get rid of hair, and how to get rid and prevent underarm issues such as discoloration and chicken skin.

So please do yourself a favor & stop ignoring your armpits. The idea for this post was born from the tons of neglect I witnessed this weekend and a distress email from one of the readers. Many of us got a sweet taste of warm weather this weekend, and I honestly don’t think some of you were prepared to reduce underarm bad odour. As women, we spend tons of time making sure our hair, nails, feet, and makeup are on point every time we step out on the town; but unfortunately we miss the mark on some things. Nothing is more disgusting to me than to see a chick out in a sleeveless top or dress, and when she lifts her arm she has caked up deodorant, hairy armpits, razor bumps, or ingrown hairs out of the yang. Ugh! It doesn’t matter how much you spent on your outfit for the night, nor does anyone care that you don on a pair of “red bottoms” when your armpits look unloved. Just as you care for your hair and feet, PLEASE ladies…. DO AN ARMPIT CHECK!

This distress email further convinced me to write the post: I have sweaty underarms and I have suffered from dark underarms and chicken skin at one point in time. I later on learned that dark underarms are caused by antiperspirants, constant shaving, and hair removal creams while chicken skin is caused mainly by hair plucking and also shaving. After I learned all about this, I quit using antiperspirants, trimming, hair removal creams, and plucking altogether. The underarm skin can only take too much because it is also a thinner layer, like our face and neck skin, compared to the rest of our skin on the rest of our body. But nothing is helping, please suggest some good tricks for underarm care. – Shelz Rodre

Underarm hair removal tips

What are ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hairs are strands of hair that either begin growing but stay embedded in the skin or curl over and work their way back into the hair follicle.You’ll notice ingrown hairs showing up most often after you shave. Though they’re typically not dangerous, they can become infected and cause pimples to pop up, and at their worst, they can cause scarring.

Armpit care – how to get rid of underarm hairs

Underarm hair is often considered disturbing appearance. Various methods are carried out to remove the hairs on the armpit from plucking, shaving to waxing. The most widely used is shave because this is considered the most convenient and practical by most women.


Wax your armpits instead of using razors to shave underarm hair. This will also help get rid of those dark underarms after time. Underarms generally look dark due to thick hair under the skin, caused by shaving. Waxing removes hair from the root, so there is no hair under the skin, and the underarms look clean.

Exfoliate - Scrub the area before shaving your armpits

2. Exfoliate

Do this process before you shave your armpits. Scrub the area before shaving your armpits. This will help remove dead skin cells so that will not make black armpit. So exfoliate your armpits twice per week. Regular exfoliation removes necrosis skin cells from the surface layer of your skin, thereby releasing hairs that may be trapped under the skin’s surface.

3. Clean underarm

Cleanse your underarms daily using an antibacterial cleanser. If bacteria gets into your pores, it can seriously exacerbate your ingrown hairs by delaying the healing process

4. Toner

Use a toner or astringent on your underarms. Choose one that is designed to prevent and treat ingrown hairs. Generally, such toners contain alcohol, which kills bacteria and encourages cell turnover. I use and recommend Tend Skin which reduces the appearance of ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Warning! This stuff burns like the dickens (for about 1 minute) but IT WORKS! Tend skin can be found at your local Beauty Supply Store.

remove sweat before underarm shaving

5. Moisten Underarm

Make sure the area before shaving your armpits wet although most people like to shave armpits while in a dry state. Use a gel or shaving foam used to make the result more subtle. It immensely helps to to reduce underarm bad odour.

how to shave armpit hair without dark effects

6. Razor

Use a maximum of 3 razor shaves. Do not use a single blade because it can cause irritation. In addition it will also be a black underarm skin due to friction of the blade.

7. Evening

Shave your armpits at night because you’ll go straight to bed after shave. This will make the rest underarm skin. These tips will be very useful for those who have sensitive skin.

8. Shower

Shave after a warm bath. This is because your skin will tend to be softer after bathing and helps the razor glide more easily on your skin.

Let us know some of the home remedies that keep your underarm fresh, fragrant and sweatless.

Dark underarms to fragrant armpits with home remedies

If you have dark underarms and you want to lighten and get rid of dark armpits naturally, then it is best to opt for home remedies and natural treatments – addon solutions if you insist on shaving or trimming or using hair removal cream. The following home remedies help to reduce darkening of your underarm that are proven yet effective without breaking your wallet.

Papaya remedy to get rid of dark armpits

The fruit papaya has been known to whiten dark underarms and effective skin lightening agent. To use papaya as a home remedy for dark underarms, just mash a moderately ripe papaya and apply it on the underarms .allow it to remain till it becomes dry. Rinse thoroughly. This is one of the best dark underarms treatments to to remove underarm bad odour.

moisturizing cream for armpit hair removal

Olive oil or moisturizer for removing black underarms

The vitamins and fatty acids in olive oil act as natural moisturizer to keep the skin healthy and smooth. For dark armpits, mix a cup of brown sugar with 3 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil and apply it under your pits. This is a very helpful natural remedy for reducing your under arm darkness.

Get rid of dark underarms using cucumber

To get rid of underarms darkness, you can apply some cucumber juice over your underarms to lighten it. Cucumber has skin lightening properties and lots of moisture that helps to repair our skin and help you to get rid of dark underarms overnight.

Saffron to get rid of dark armpits

Saffron is another effective method to get rid of dark underarms naturally. Mix a pinch of saffron in two spoonfuls of milk or cream and apply it to your dark armpits. Rinse it thoroughly, when the paste dries out. This is one of the best home remedies for dark underarms.

Potato slice as a home remedy for blurring dark lines

A slice of potato can help you get rid of dark underarms. Potato is a bleaching agent that helps in armpit whitening. To get rid of dark skin underarms, apply potato juice on the underarms and keep it for sometime. Do this dark underarms treatment on a regular basis, you will notice that soon the underarm skin appears to be lighter in color.

Vitamin e massage to get rid of dark armpits

Vitamin E oil applied to the dark skin is another effective black underarm treatment. Lightly massage vitamin E oil to the dark armpit skin for 10 minutes before getting a shower. It will keep your skin hydrated, lighten the skin tone, and helps you to get rid of dark under arms quickly.

Orange peel remedy get rid of dark underarms

To lighten dark armpits, grind some orange peel until it turns into a powder and mix it with a bit of rose water and milk. Use this paste to scrub the dark underarms gently for around ten to fifteen minutes. Finally wash the area with cold water to remove dead skin cells. Do this natural remedy regularly to lighten dark skin underarms.

Aloe vera for getting rid of dark armpits

Aloe vera gel is another best natural ingredient for the treatment of dark underarms. Apply a layer of pure aloe vera gel on the dark skin directly to get rid of skin discoloration underarms naturally at home. This gel provides anti oxidants and moisture that helps to whiten armpits and make it soft.

Lemon remedy to reduce underarm darkness

Lemon is a natural skin cleansing product that helps to lighten skin tone. Rub lemon juice to your dark skin underarms for 15 minutes and then wash it. Repeat it daily to lighten your skin tone. Another underarm skin skin lightening method is to add lemon juice to baking soda and apply this paste, leave it till it dries and wash.

Tomato treatment for armpit whitening

Tomato has great bleaching properties to lighten the skin tone. Rubbing raw tomato juice on the underarm skin is an effective home remedy for
whitening dark underarms. Tomato juice can also help you to prevent sweaty underarms.

sandalwood powder and rose water to treat armpit smell and underarm

Sandalwood treatment to remove dark armpits

Another great way to treat dark underarms naturally is to create a paste of sandalwood with rose water. Sandalwood has lightening properties and rose water will cool down the skin. Apply this paste on your armpits and wash off after 20 minutes. This is a very effective remedy to lighten the skin tone of your armpits; also sandalwood will act as a great coolant.

Get rid of dark armpits using natural yogurt

Sour yogurt has natural bleaching properties, which can help you get rid of dark underarms. Take 2 tablespoon of yogurt and add 1 tablespoon of milk and 1 tablespoon of flour to it and make a smooth paste. It can be applied to skin to lighten dark armpits. Alternately, you can mix lemon juice with yogurt and apply it regularly to remove dark underarms.

Baking soda for clean underarms

Instead of hiding dark underarms behind sleeves, you can whiten your underarms with off-the-kitchen-shelf wonder product like baking soda.

(a) Baking soda, a natural cleanser, combined with vinegar, a natural stain remover, can help whiten dark armpits.

(b) Add vinegar to 1 tablespoon of baking soda, mix well and apply it on your underarms to lighten the skin.

(c) Mix baking soda with coconut oil and scrub under your arms, baking soda gently exfoliates the skin removing any dark or rough patches making it softer and smoother.

coconut oil for amrpit and cleaning underarm

Coconut oil remedy for removing dark armpits

The best home remedy for removing dark underarms is applying coconut oil. Vitamin E in coconut oil can help lighten underarms over time. Rub the underarms with coconut oil to remove the darkness from the underarms. Do this dark underarms treatment regularly to whiten dark skin underarms.

Banana for getting rid of dark underarms

Banana can be very effective treatment for armpit whitening. Take a ripe banana and mash it nicely. Add few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric powder and make a smooth paste. Apply the paste to your armpits and leave it on for 20 minutes daily to lighten and soften the under the arms.

Get rid of dark armpits using honey remedy

Honey and lemon treatment is best for lightening dark armpits naturally. Add lime juice, honey in milk powder and make a paste of it. Apply it on your underarms’ skin. Leave it for 15 minutes and now wash it properly. Apply it regularly for getting fair and clean armpits.

If you have dark underarms, you can easily get rid of dark armpits by following the above mentioned home remedies. All of these skin whitening home remedies are excellent solutions to lighten dark armpits naturally.

how underarm hairs are removed

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