7 Tips your Bust Look Smaller and Sexier 1

A lot of women hate to look bigger. Unfortunately, there are no permanent cures for this problem other than surgery. Bigger bust is sexy but extra large ones come with a lot of problems for women such as social embarrassment, difficult making choice of clothes, appearance and a lot more.

Small and firm busts are back to fashion. Women are reverting to natural fitter busts that suits their figure, giving it curvy look.

Hate Big Breasts… Then Try These Small Bust Tips

If you wish to look sexier via reducing big bust effects, here are some effective tips for you:

  1. Go Shopping

This is one of the most important things to do. You must go shopping for new bras. Picking up the right-sized bra will provide you with proper support to your breasts. Take help from a professional to know about the king of bra that fits best.

  1. Vertical Stripes

Stripes are definitely a good option to trip down big busts visually. In fact, a lot of women like to use stripes in their clothing to make their overall appearance a little better. However, you need to know the type of stripes to be worn for the problem you are facing. Vertical or diagonal stripes are the best choices in this respect. Horizontal stripes may make you look bigger!

  1. Darker Shades

Well, these shades can come up as a savior for you. Dresses with deep and dark colours will make you look slimmer. So even if you are looking for a specific print on your dress, make sure they are designed on a dark background.

7 Tips your Bust Look Smaller and Sexier

  1. Choice of Neckline

This will make a huge difference. You must choose the necklines in a way that they make your bust look smaller. The best thing to do is to have sufficient open area along your neck and torso. This is quite helpful in decreasing the appearance of a fuller bust considerably. The best ones to try are V shapes, square, and scoop necklines. Strictly avoid round or high necks.

  1. Focus on Dress Styles

You should also decide on your dress styles cleverly. Some of the shift dresses can give you a better shape. The best part is that you can choose from a wide range of cuts. Experts feel that wrap dresses are a great choice. The dress fits perfectly beneath the bust.

  1. No Loose Fits

Strictly avoid wearing loose-fit tops. These types of tops usually give a baggy appearance. In fact, they make your upper part appear voluminous. Wearing a loose top will produce an illusion of additional bulk. Hence, it is wise to choose a top that fits well under your bust well. Even if you want to try on a bulky top, team it up with a belt in the waist. This will camouflage the flaw.

  1. Wraparounds

These are quite useful and you can get some real good ones for your mission. Try buying a real nice one that’s bright, colourful and loosely draped.  Another idea is to cover your big bust with a scarf. This looks classy and does what you want.

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