pregnancy food tips for women

Pregnancy induces a lot of craving. And a lot of women don’t mind giving into these cravings because they know growing fat is a part of pregnancy. Besides, the phase of life makes women too happy to abstain from simple pleasures in life. However, you need to know where to draw the line so as to avoid harming yourself and the baby.

Pregnant Ladies Should Avoid These Foods

There are certain types of foods pregnant women must strictly avoid having. Listed below are 7 of these:

Sour Food

Craving for sour food is usually a common symptom most pregnant women face apart from the usual feeling of nausea and morning sickness. According to a recent research, it is revealed that having too much of sour (acidic) and other sour substances during pregnancy affects growth and development of the foetus. Hence, it is important to limit sour foods in your diet. also try not to use sour foods as your main food item.


Alcohol and all kinds of alcoholic beverages should be avoided during pregnancy. Health experts advise pregnant women against consumption of alcohol of all kinds. Drinking alcohol can result in sudden death syndrome and many other incurable diseases. Research has proved that children born from alcoholic mothers are at 7 times higher risk of getting this syndrome as compared to those who aren’t.


When pregnant, women must restrict consumption of caffeine. Caffeine straightaway affects calcium concentration within human body. Excess caffeine consumption also has negative impact on various other things in the body including hormones, heart, and kidney. It also causes increase of heartbeat, tension and fatigue in mother to be and foetus. Medical experts also believe that having drinks containing caffeine can enhance chances of pregnant women suffering from iron deficiency, anaemia, and even affect transfer of nutrition to the foetus.

pregnancy food tips


A lot of people are under notion that having a lot of vitamin and mineral tonics will make the baby grow healthy. However, this is not true. During pregnancy, the blood flow increase significantly. Hence, the heart needs to works harder. All of the blood vessels in uterus, vaginal wall and oviduct are in expanding mode. A lot of other changes occur in the body including strengthening of endocrine system, reduction in secretion of gastric juices, constipation, and increased danger to the foetus. In case you wish to take supplements or tonic, it is important to consult a reputed gynaecologist.

Excess Fats

Although it is important to have fats during pregnancy, consumption of excess fats especially in unhealthy manner can increase the chances of unborn baby developing cancer. Also the mother will develop breast cancer and cervical cancer. Research and studies have proved that consumption of fattening foods will increase synthetic ability to stimulate mammary gland. This will affect overall health of mother and baby.


It is crucial to stay away from excess sugar during pregnancy. The glucose eliminating function of the kidney will drop at different levels in pregnant women. Hence, high blood glucose levels in pregnant women make their kidney work at full capacity which can harm their health. Excessive glucose absorption also weakens the immunity of the body and minimises disease resisting power in women. Hence, it is crucial for pregnant women to restrict sugar-rich foods.


Pregnancy toxemia is a common condition that develops in pregnant women due to hypertension which leads to harmful effects in a woman’s body. The amount of salt absorbed by the body daily increases hypertension rate. Excess salt consumption will increase the rate of hypertension. Hence, it is best to consume only about 6 grams of salt every day.

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